Yours Truly. Old Havana 2017

Yours Truly. Old Havana 2017

I'm Him. 

Photo by Me & my iPhone. 

Back in 2001 I was living in New York City, and digital photography was just getting rolling. I made a little site. It was originally going to be called Manhattanland - kind of a grown-ups Disneyland, but for Manhattan. In the end, I was working on a fashion project with some really cool people somewhere up in the Berkshires, and 'danconnortown' was born. I posted photos every day, low res low megapixel snippets of my daze in the life. It was never about worrying too much how technically perfect the images were. It was always about pressing the button, and capturing the vibe in the moment. 

Well. It's 16 years later, and I'm older, I moved to Marin County and HTML became whatever, HTML5? CSS? Whatever it became, the daze of sitting at the computer till 4am with a pint of tequila and a pack of smokes on my desk no longer serve my artistic drive. Those daze is gone daze. My thought process is the same. I'm not too worried about the technical stuff, which camera, what lens, in focus? Sweet bokeh? -Nah. I just want to share the energy and the feeling of the moment. 

This site is (for now) a work in progress. Moving images over, finding the right resolutions, images, etc - so you will see the site change regularly as I add and remove content. You'll see some from the olden times, and the current times. There will be a portal to buy prints, there'll be links and maybe some of my old blog posts from back in the day will find their way here too. 

For now, welcome. Have a look around, and please do keep coming back to see what's new. 

Good times,


September 2017