46 degrees

Invariably there are glitches in every plan. but what's important is that you all
understand i'm not an internet guy. I'm not a web designer. so when something
doesn't work, it's just because i ran out of time to work on it. I'm a
very busy man. Lots on my mind. But i felt you should know, i've replaced
the pinnercam again. and we're back in business. I've been making pictures,
and you're going to see some. Just not right now because i've got a lot
to do. i'm heading out to california for a stretch and some fresh air
too. but i thought i could leave you with a teaser. Much has happened
in ol danconnortown, and there's much to see. dudes with guns, and stuff
like that. kiss midget images have been captured. and some holiday cheer.
let's see if i can get them out there for you soon. but right now i've
got to take a nap. You understand. it's well after 3am and i've got to
work in the morning, but be patient.