buttered rum over nutmeg hot ice

The Poop.

Don't have a lot of time for fancy links today and stuff like that, but i will point you to my friend Asif's site. that kid has his ducks in a row, so you might check him out at evaqmatics. In other news i'm running a little behind today, was having some trouble understanding just how to do what i do.

but i wanted to thank McDonalds, and Starbucks and all the big heavy hitters as well as the City of New York for all the advertising ideas they give me every single day. Just put your logo on something and toss it on the sidewalk. It's ingenious. I'm grateful to live some place where i can really see this at work. I can walk to work stepping over the trash and picking my way around the dogshit and before you know it i'm craving McDonald's french fries and a starbucks double tall triple tall latte grande mochaccino with coconuts and buttered rum over nutmeg hot ice. Plus i have to pick up the new (insert some hip hop act you've never heard of here) CD.

God Bless Us everyone. Listen, do me a favor. If you see some trash on the ground, pretend you didn't see it. The big boys are paying big money to catch your attention. If you buy stuff, The Terrorists Win.

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