we just is

A lot of times when i'm working and doing stuff i get caught up in the work or caught up in the stuff and i wonder sometimes if i'm doing the right thing or saying the right thing or acting the right way or just being in the right space at the right time or making the right decisions or just what the fuck exactly IS the right thing, and i suppose that's how most folks go about it every day. I mean, superstars like Mr. Jackson and Ms. Madonna and stuff, they don't worry about stuff like that, because they've got people to worry about that sort of stuff for them. They've got all kinds of people taking care of all sorts of things. But what i do, to kind of keep on top of things, is i look at what i'm taking pictures of. I look at the places i've been to after i've come home from there. I sit and think about the images and the things i've seen and just ask myself, "hey, Connortown, is THIS where you are supposed to be? Is THIS really what you're supposed to be doing?!" And you know, sometimes i have to say No. Other times, I say, I don't particularly give a doodle. And this morning I can say, I'm not sure.

You can only be sure about a couple of things at a time. Like right now, FOR SURE i'm not listening to any music. It is definitely colder than i prefer it outside, I am sure that my life is very different today than it was yesterday at this exact same time.

The images in The Latest installment for today are the images that lead directly to where i am sitting at this very moment. In front of the eMac, next to the window, barefoot and wearing a tee shirt i don't particularly like, very tired, under rested and thinking about the things that make a fella toss and turn wide eyed and sleepless in his bed at night. Sometimes having the most comfortable sheets and the nicest room aren't always enough, and it is on mornings like this that i thank my lucky stars for at least the ability to make pictures. To prove to myself that i am actually here. That New York isn't just a bad dream or a great dream or a dream at all. It just IS. Like you and me, We just IS.

Be good to each other out there, and please put your trash in an environmentally unfriendly plastic bag so it can make its way out to sea.

a nod to the great Bartles and James, Thanks again for your continued support.

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