excrement and environment

Not too much to report. Keeping warm. Drinking NyQuil, but the fake one, because there's more and it's cheaper. That's the way americans like it. More for less, and quality schmallity, just knock us out of our senses.

Gimme the Big SUV, gimme the cheap gas, gimme the breakfast cereal and my milk in a convenient foil wrapped package, because man, we don't have time to sit down and eat. Eating is for lazy bastards that don't understand Life on the Go!

And besides, the convenient foil wrappers are so easy to convert into an airborn miracle. There is nothing more attractive than watching my silver and blue foil wrapper from a Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes and Milk bar fly around in sexy little loops over my head in the 15 degree below zero wind licking the walls of the giant skyscrapers and dancing like a shitty old plastic bag doing pretty little pirouettes just above my head. Makes me feel like i'm a movie man. Like i'm this amazing director. Coreographing a completely random dance of trash and nature. Excrement and Environment. A truly American Beauty. How beautiful it is that we were so entranced by some empty bag of trash floating around in circles, and watching it just float away to land one day in the deep blue sea. I am so moved by that, that every day, every chance i get, i launch a piece of trash in tribute to the True Blue American Spirit of Waste And Want more and more and more. I am eternally grateful to the powers who make it possible for every little thing to be wrapped in plastic or foil or excessive packaging of any kind. My favorite is (possibly a new york city exclusive) the individually wrapped banana. Comes wrapped like an action figure in a vacuum sealed hard transparent case. They're so very stackable this way.

No new scrollers today. Just a rant. But for those of you who haven't been to the bush in 30 seconds site lately, oh, do drop on by. There's some stuff you should know. The contest winners have been announced, but the Suede Denim Secret Police (Bush and Crew) have applied some muscle in the right places, and they're trying to hold you down (boot on the throat style) for being controversial... See what they're up to and then do your part to make it stop. They have answers for you.

Listen, i gotta split. i was going to say some more about how deli's market their food products, ie. put the the poisons all together, etcetera, but i have to catch that 10:26 bus out of redhook and make my way into the city. I'm going to launch the plastic cover from a foil take out dish I got at this schwarma place yesterday. I'm going to launch it from a roof near astor place. I think it will look so beautiful, like a translucent saucer from space spinning so carefree and magical from its lofty heights... God bless us everyone. We are the true weapons of mass destruction.

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