GW Blows

Okay. Finally i've got some stuff for you. I've been itching to get this stuff up there, but i don't have the fast internet over here man. I mean, i'm sure it's around, but i haven't gone exactly looking for it either. I'm hugging trees and stuff man. Looking at beaches and breathing negative-ion charged seabreazes and stuff. I mean, the pictures have always been here, just waiting to get took. And i tell you, as i sit here typing this, i'm reminded of this dream i had a long time ago, where i was typing this story on a laptop just like this one, and then there was this big ass earthquake, which was a bummer, because that knocked out the internet over here for a while, I mean, it was a bigger deal than the internet going down, believe me, but that would just be another delay to the cats on the east coast that just can't comprehend earthquakes, and so as i'm sitting here typing it, i'm remembering how in my dream it was all sunny and everything, but all the houses around here had fallen a little bit, not like how they did over in Iran or anything, but big enough news that Iran's quake took the back seat for a while. And i was concerned that nobody would be interested in my Kinky Salon pictures, but back then, when i had the dream, i didn't even know what the Kinky Salon pictures were. Well. Let me tell you. So long as there's no earthquakes tonight, i'll have this stuff uploaded by saturday January 3. And then, you'll know about Kinky Salon. And if you happen to be under 18, you'll have to bipass it today. It's got the word, "kinky" which definitely means no kiddies. But if you're old enough to vote, then you can look. Kinky Salon was a party I went too a couple of nights ago, to ring in the new year. Now these other links are what i've been seeing since i got here. Please be patient, i see this site is getting pop-up heavy. I'll try and figure out a solution for that when i get back to NYC. By the way, on the kinky salon page i've tried to incorporate some quicktime/slideshow stuff. If it doesn't work, it's because i'm not a designer, but i'll try and tune that in when i get home. If it does work, it's because it was easy, and if that's the case, you'll be seeing more stuff like that pretty soon.

I gotta tell you, it's fucking gorgeous out here. I've missed it more than i thought i had. You've gotta smell eucalyptus trees and walk around on a beach with no one else around, watching the stars come up over the cliffs in a cashmere sweater and with a joint to smoke. That's what January's all about man. Never mind your ice and snow and slush and crap. I mean, you can have it if you want, but my word, this seems a lot more sensible. Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the pictures, and i'll be back in the New YoNk before you know it, that is, unless the buildings all come crashing down and JetBlue (love those guys) decides to cancel their flights until the rebuild the airport or something.

Here's a catchy phrase i've been saying. You can try it too. Goes like this. "G.W. Blows."

it's fun. try it with your folks.

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