Jan 03_04

The poop. Alright. the Kinky Salon button may not work for you here. it might, but it will take time to load. it is a quicktime slideshow with music, and it's not especially tiny. I've tried several times to load it up here from the Art Center in San Rafael, and i keep getting bumped. Partially because we're sharing WiFi, partially because i'm inept, and partially because the file is pretty large, with the music and everything. i tell you what, i'm going to deal with it when i can get a clean fast connection, but in the meantime, imagine most of the photos on this page, with fader and timed to Don't Be Light by Air.

It's not amazing, just sort of a short cut, to get around the pop up scrollers, but anyway, it doesn't seem to work from here when i log on so you know, you can click on it and let it roll in the background if you like, but if you've got a slow connection, i'd skip it man. Really. When i get a chance i'll fix it, but right now, i'm going out to the beach. Maybe it's Limantour, maybe it's McClure's, but where ever it is, i tell you it's better than sitting here explaining why you can't see a slideshow that i spent some time making, so you know, i gotta go. Smoochie smoochie.

danconnortown 12:32:07 (sunny/warm)