no gangstas, no rednecks

Jan 02_04

Okay man. Got some updates on deck. Went to the Kinky Salon party here in SF on new years, had good times. I have to let you know that you have to be an adult to look at this page. So if you're reading this, then you admit you are a grown up and of legal age to buy a hand gun in most states. If you aren't, you gotta get out man, because that's the rules. If you can't legally own a gun, you can't legally look at bums and boobs either. Tough break kids.

So what happened is, I went up to San Rafael with some friends, and we (like most of the americans) hadn't made a plan for new years. There were options, but none of us were committing to anything. And as the night wore on, we realized we wanted to do something with no gangstas, no rednecks, and no BS. We didn't want to see meatheads and their trophy wives. we didn't want to dance to the hey ya song by outkast, (don't get me wrong. GREAT record, but the song is you know, getting spoiled by now) So, we decided to trim it down. i put on some short shorts, a dog collar, and other stuff that was sort of saucy, and my friends did the same. Props to Petrina and Mr. Burlingame for putting it in our laps. Yum.

We drank tequila and squirt all night and burned our brains into neverland. God bless america for creating me, because when the sun came up, the bloody marys that only I can make were the only medicine suitable for our pounding head aches, etcetera.

I'll be coming back to New York in a few days, gonna put my nose back on that grindstone, but in the meantime, observe some images of what happens down in the mission comes the night time.

I'm trying to get some video and slideshow stuff up on this page, but if it doesn't work you'll just have to deal with the scrollers for now, since i'm you know, On Location.

Have fun, and hey, Happy New Year Man. Happy New Year. Really.

danconnortown 20:32:07 (warm)