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Not sure what exactly i'm listening to. Sort of foofy. "the reincarnation of luna?" my life with the thrill kill cult? Heelz Afire? Hey, i understand it. there's a lot of music on that iTunes that i only know about, not know intimately. How many else are like that? they're like, "shit man. i've got 60 gigs of music, and all i want is my Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band." ???

well that's how it is. Made a few updates today, posted some new pics, worked in the archives department a little bit, updating things i've said and splash pages, things like that. Still fuming over this whole business where everyone wants to go to DC and "turn their back" on the president. I mean, the thing that gets me ripped about it is, a whole hell of a lot of people over the years have had their asses stomped into early graves for standing up for what they believe in, and now it seems the organizers are more bent on trying to emulate Ghandi than to actually get something done.

Quick question. If you see george bush coming your way, and you just turn your back to him, do you really think he's going to give a shit? Seriously.

But maybe it's better than having 200,000 protesters show up and all having their own agendas, "save the panda", or "no blood for oil" or "what about Enron" and everybody is going this way and that, and nobody's organized, they got cops throwing critical mass bikes in the trucks, tear gas going off into the faces of boston fans, and the like. Maybe it is better to just shut the fuck up and turn around. I just know that the steel workers in the olden days sure didn't turn their backs. The folks hunting for labor reform at the turn of the century, (the 20th century) sure didn't turn their backs. They made some noise. They rattled some cages, and low and behold, you've all got saturday and sunday off. (HA! you're welcome) Folks turn out in force in italy and shut the entire country down when they're pissed. What do we do? well. those of us who think we're "activists" board a bus and go to DC to stand with our backs to the motorcade. Wow. Big WOOP. I'm sure that will make bush and his cronies think twice about forcing their agendas through over the next few years. That's going to make all the difference.

And so what if Europe sees on TV? You know what they're going to think? they're going to be like, "look at all those dumb ass cheese eating americans! they're looking the wrong way! Christ, they're even dumber than we thought!" and so on.

And meanwhile the top brass is going around petting themselves on the back for their amazing donation to the tsunami relief. Ya. Good job boys. Australia DOUBLED your pledge. Christ Almighty. We've already cleared the $149 BILLION dollar mark on the war in Iraq. Now i wonder what $149 Billion could do as far as rebuilding homes and getting medical attention to people who need it instead of bombing iraq back to the stone age? Ah good times. Keep your chin up.

I was reading that they accidentally bombed the wrong dude's house today over there and killed a family inside and the like, I wonder if it would be more than page 2 if they accidentally bombed some house in Norway.

Hey, no use getting upset about it. being upset ain't fixing it. protesting ain't fixing it. Voting AGAINST this guy sure doesn't fix it either.

So let's try and think of some real ideas that will really work. obviously "hell no we won't go" and "make love not war" doesn't work any more.

What have you got?

Europe. What would you do?

let me know.

America, what have you got? (by the way, i hear we've got some really good reality shows this season, so whatever you come up with better not interrupt folks watching fox. it's going to have to be really really good, and not during prime time. )

alright. enough of that. You get the idea already. Ah it's so nice to have a temper back. Zoloft was fun, but i have to be honest, it's nice to feel angry again. I wonder if everybody here stopped taking their prozac and their zoloft if THEN people would remember what it was like to lose their cool?

meanwhile, i'm still selling my old car. it's been sitting under a tree in long island since i moved here. You interested? here's the poop. It's a real gas guzzler. Someone's gotta love it. Let me know.

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