see something say something

Jan 14_04

Alright man. If i can't update the stuff because i'm busy enjoying some life, i can at least point out a few things, and change a photo here and there for you. At least there's something to look at. Something to think about man. You know, keeping it real man. I got this dude, Burnt Martin, he's calling me up on his cell phone, just flew in from Seattle, he's back in SF, making up stories about how like, Seattle is cooler than SF or something. But the one thing he came back from Seattle with is a book by michael moore, that one; dude where's my country. and now he gets it man. He's like, Dude, George W. Blows, and i'm like , dude, seriously. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? but seriously. i'm not in the mood to rant about bush until the bottom. But Burnt is the dude wearing panties with his nuts hanging out at the kinky salon. his dad's this interesting conservative christian that knows all about The Mercedes Benz if you catch my drift. anyway, like i was saying... there's much to do right now, firstly, observe the beach. that's North Beach, out there on Point Reyes. I spent some time out there with some great friends. Had some really great times, and you can sort of get a feel for it just by looking at those two piddly little photos. that one with the rover was like, walking distance from the epicenter of the 1906 quake in SF out in Olema. You can look it up man. it's no joke. and i tell you what, the air there is something. and my friend Renick, who doesn't know my birthday or anything, so it's not like we're great friends from way back, but he knows lots of other stuff, i tell you that. anyway, he says, check out those italian goats, or some kind of goats, no, they were like, italian deer i think, just across the street in the meadow across the way from the rover, we had pulled over because one of the girls couldn't deal with the speed of the rover on those back roads from the back of the bus man. she was moving to the front, and we were all so high we had to get out and absorb the beauty of west marin. Because that's what you have to do when you're there. Just feel it. And then we were off to North Beach, out there by Limantour. you can look 'em up on the internet. Nice spots. So back to BUSH. Listen, this guy's a chimp. We gotta get him out of office. and i'm not just saying that because i smoke pot when i feel like it. I'm saying it because he's a demon. He's a puppet demon. he's like, the worst thing we could do for the earth, and all of us who claim to be americans are just quietly saying, "well, we'll vote him out this fall" but i tell you what. We could vote him out RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. Man, if we had the nuts to dress up like indians and chuck the tea over the side of the boat in Boston and run around screaming "the red coats are coming! The red coats are coming!!!" and then just take charge and make our own country, WHY THE HELL CAN'T WE TAKE IT BACK FROM THIS FRAT BOY MEAT HEAD???!!!

Listen EUROPE, we want him out. We don't believe our own press either man. We don't believe FOX NEWS. We want out. Spread the word. We KNOW BUSH IS RUNNING THE MEDIA. We know the plan to oust Saddam was there before bush junior was on deck. We know it but are powerless because we don't want to miss the next episode of "Average Joe" We need the New Simpsons. We need our gas guzzling SUV's to get us back and forth from Soccer Camp. We deny that Bush is behind plots more evil than even you can imagine, so that we can continue to drink 85oz. cokes and eat biggie fries. Man i tell you. If it turns out there really is a "God" we're in for a reckoning. But if there isn't, We have got to stop this guy. If you've got any ideas, SPREAD 'EM. Tell your friends. talk about it. Get it out there. Get bush the HELL OUT OF THERE. Do something. not just chatter people. FOCUS.

alright. i'll let it lie for tonight, but remember, the only way to make change, is to make change. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING, and i SEE A CROOK IN THE WHITE HOUSE, and he's a bigger crook than your average crook. this guy is bad news in the baddest way. Seriously. Think about it. How is Billy The Kid front page news in the U.S.??? How is Britney Spears' bogus marriage more front page worthy than George W. Bush's infinite scandals?!! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING, and WHO'S GOT THE HORNS TO STOP IT?!!!

I'm begging you man. gimme some ideas. let's do something about this guy. Let's make him stop. Let's Stop Talking and START doing.

Who's with me?

Burnt, thank you for your call man.

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