shepherd's pie

Man. tonight i got out of work at a reasonable hour, and all i wanted to do was make dinner. I haven't done that in so fucking long! JESUS CHRIST MAN!!!! Good times! I made shepherd’s pie. I was going to make this drink i haven't made in a couple of years, one i used to make all the time, i went and bought all the stuff, and though i have no idea where the skull mugs went, I was going to do it. But then, Once i got out to The Hook, NO VODKA. So, KiBosh. Shepherd's Pie and juice man. No skull mug drinks over here. No House Special man.

So now it's much later. And the old danconnortown would say, "hey man, you gotta do this site man. Folks are hanging on man. they want to see it man. You gotta do it man..." and i'd maybe take a puff of the stuff and settle into it. But i gotta tell you man. I gotta be honest. That photoshop crashing thing has got me all sketched about it. I ain't going down like that. Not tonight. I used the G4 laptop the whole time i was in SF and it didn't crash ONCE. So i say it's the emac man. there's something in there that's fuckin' me up man, and it's makin' me crazy, so i'm not gonna do it. What i'm going to do is, i'm going to hope i get out early again a few days in a row man. And if i do, i'm going to come home and work on the images i've got, cuz i've got a lot of good ones. I've got stuff you gotta see. I mean, not like, woopdee doo, but like, different than that. So the thing is, i can't resize them and have my machine crashing every two minutes. makes me cuckoo. so i'm going to read instead. i'm going to read that book, The DaVinci Code. My room mate slid it my way. Hey, she's got a website. You could go check that out and see that for a change. That will give you something to do if you're bored of this stuff. But anyway, you'll be back. Because i've got stuff to show you.

Now as a head's up, the pictures on here today, are still all the california pictures. and i've still got more california pictures to post. and then i've got to get the new new york ones up too, but i gotta figure out a way that's easy to update and doesn't have so many pop ups man. i gotta think about that. maybe figure out something new. so just you know, shoot me an email about it if you've got an idea or some lines of code i could try out or something like that because i'm interested. I don't want danconnortown to become "the land of the pop ups" man. Help a guy out. i'll show you some funny pictures man. Maybe i'll get that new Photoshop CS and see if that solves my crashing problems. but not tonight man. maybe like, tomorrow night. I'll put a link on my site to miotown for you. that's what i'll do tonight.

Besides. i've got house guests too. I can't be up here doing computer stuff when i've got house guests. Besides, you probably haven't found all the secret hidden passages on this site yet anyway.

George W. Bush is a donkey face.

And Chris Weissler goes by "Wesley" now. He's really going for it man. eating horse meat and stuff. you know, like the french do it. all European like. We don't eat much horse yet here in the states, not sure why, but i guess it's because we haven't figured out a way to make them weigh 4000 pounds in about 6 months. I'm sure we're working on it man. supersize that hoss. i'll have me one o' them horseburgers man. I tell you what, you can take the wiessla out of bedstuy, but you can't take the bedstuy outta wiessla.

Listen, thank you for your patience. you're doing a great job man. We love you over here.

And look at me. I'm happy that it's freezing out. HA! who'd have thunk? Freezing feels warm. I mean, come on. Seriously man. What are we doing here?! This summer new york better make up for this crap. and not like, sweating in my underpants style. I want it nice and warm, plenty of sun, but keep the humidity down low, desert style. Seriously. this town is silly with the weather. And New York City deserves a little break man. Hand it over Hawaii. Lay it on us man.


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