vegan berry pancakes

Interesting, this weekend, i took some rest... it started at the studio. I was finished with work, but the thing is, the couches at work are infinitely more comfortable than my couch at home, and so i set my ass right in the big one in studio 5. I sat there and listened to some music for about an hour. Then, i stretched out, like yoga class or something. just relaxing man.

You know, i always knew people that were in a hurry to get the hell out of work. I knew some dudes that used to run through the halls of this factory i used to work in, (making cardboard boxes for food like cereal and iced cream) ya. that whistle would blow, and full grown men with children at home were dashing down the halls to get the hell out of there.

My job isn't like that. It's nice inside. Nice couches. Nice chairs, and good tunes. So me, i sat down with a beer and chilled.

When i got home, I slept. Slept on through till 10 in the morning. then i got up, had some vegan berry pancakes and a stiff bloody mary. then i went back to bed. I woke up at 5:45. then i took a shower, and got dressed for a dinner party my roomies were throwing. We muscled through about 9 bottles of wine and some curry. then there was apple pie and berry pie, and everyone wanted to go out to Sunny's for some more drinks. Me? I wanted to sleep some more man. So I went upstairs, stretched out for a while and got back into bed. Today, i woke up a new man. I feel rested like i was on vacation. And that reminded me of some pictures i had taken when i was out there in Point Reyes. So I stitched some together this morning. Taking my time about it. But you can see North Beach. And you can see a little place where we stopped in the rover to laugh about some mafia money. Gazing across the water, you can see the green green grass of home, and know that it's greener than any grass in them parts.

If you were ever wondering what made a cow "organic" therein lies your answer. Rather than inject the cows with hormones, just give it to the grass man. Keep it real. Keep it "all natural"... good times. Hey, at least the countryside looks nice, the cows seem happy, and i've always liked my corn on the cob to be yellow anyway. The ends justified the means. It's a win/win situation here.

The mob man has the biggest "healthiest" cows. The hills are alive with the sound of music, and california is still the darned tootenist prettiest place thar is. Plus, i hear tell thar's gold in them thar hills.

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