blast from the past

I'm not listening to anything at the moment. well. that's not entirely true. i'm working on an eMac, so it goes without saying that i'm listening to a very loud fan, and the clicking of some keys. Downstairs, there are roomies settling in for the night. Interestingly enough, i've had green tea iced cream again. that's two times i've updated my site after eating green tea iced cream.

Chinese New Year. North Korea takes a crack at thumbing their noses at the U.S., Iraq had their "election", the tsunami is "old" news, it is still 50 degrees in manhattan, and we'll be through february before you turn around.

the image on the cover today is a blast from the past. I found it in my personal archives, and it makes me smile to see it. America as the world sees it. Summertime. Care-free folks just having a good time, trying to get by. Heavily influenced by mainstream media, wearing all the latest fashions and focused completely on fitness and well being. It's an image that says a lot about america, without being uniquely New York. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

the new images in today's update are from within the past few weeks i'd say. there was a georgeous sunset, and in fact there have been a few this season. One fella spilled some beer on his own back, and another girl all the way from the UK allowed me to advertise for free on her forearm. ( i told them it really was the indians that chucked the tea off the boats in boston harbor, and she seemed cool with becoming a walking billboard)

seriously, much has happened, most importantly, winter in new york. It seems that it was having a bit of a strike this season, probably protesting the NHL shut out this season or something. Me? i'm grateful. Though the doctor says i'm free to ride my bicycle again, i have excercised restraint. I have enjoyed riding the amazing MTA. They have such a great service. Especially since the government poured oodles of money in to make it safer, protecting us from the terrorists. (unfortunately a drunken bum was able to knock an entire train line out all by himself with a book of matches, trying to get himself warm...)

they're hiking the fare to $2.50 per ride this month. That's exciting news for most of us who haven't time or inclination to protest.

in fact, what is a protest anymore? I was really excited to see how all the bush protesters turned their back on the president during his inaugural drive. HA! the only folks i saw with their backs turned were the police keeping the "protesters" all penned in.

good stuff. You can always count on the good ol' USA to set the standard for political protest. I think the next time they protest, they should protest conspicuous consumption and the "oil war" by going out and leasing Hummer H2s. if everyone were to lease a Hummer, i'm sure that would get the message to capitol hill that we really are fed up with the way things are being handled.

everyone, take your whopping tax returns and use them as a down payment on the lease of a new Hummer H2. See if you can get the dealer to throw in a few jetskis on a little trailer that you could tow around manhattan, or where ever you happen to live. (and if you don't live in manhattan, by all means, make the trek here with your new H2, we don't see enough of them around here)

but seriously. it's all in good fun. as long as you're buying. consuming. eating and drinking. shopping the latest fashions. going to the "in" bars and clubs, watching fox news, and enjoying the luxuries having such a compassionate president affords us, we're going to be okay. with a little luck, and a minimal of hard work and dedication, we may all turn out to be as lucky as that typical american girl enjoying a little kraft macaroni and cheese on the back porch with her boyfriend, celebrating her 21st birthday some summers ago.

live the dream america, summer is just around the corner!

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