boobs coming in the windows


Just got back from seeing them cats, Modest Mouse at Irving Plaza.(R.I.P. ol' Coltrane. You'd have loved them tonight) ...they did a great job of rocking that little house, (and as an aside to sara from the studio, Death Cab for Cutie tickets are on sale now.) I came back from the show only mildly relieved that i wasn't working on my site. It seems people haven't figured out that the links are under each individual LETTER on the page, not just the words man. you click on "c" and then "o" and then "u" and then "p" and then "l" and then "e" you know? not just "couple" it's clever man. Not really. that's why i'm thinking about it for a couple of days. I have to sort it out. Okay, so that's out of the way. but there's something else still very much IN the way. See, Janet Jackson's Boob is in the way. I don't care about Janet Jackson's boob. and niether should you. there are boobs coming in the windows. I mean, if CBS doesn't want to show her boob, then, that's not my problem or yours. BUT what IS a problem is GEORGE W BUSH. Let's work on THAT problem. Let's get his face on the news. Why is it that the world can turn on everybody but this guy? I mean look at howard dean. the guy yells like Jello Biafra at a pep rally in the midwest and his "career is over" !! and this prick, George W. is still going for it. (!!!) come on people. Grab your pitchforks and torches. (alright. Don't grab your pitchforks and torches. It's an expression...) but seriously. Just for kicks. Tell somebody you hate George Bush as your president today. Just say it. Turn to your fellow man and say, "you know, I HATE GEORGE BUSH AS MY PRESIDENT." It's a start. and you'll feel so much better. You really really will. And you know what? It's a great conversation starter. For all you single guys and gals out there, just try that one as your pick up line tonight. I guarantee a line like that is ALWAYS going to be an IN. Hating George Bush as your president is even hipper than the new mini ipod. It's even big in Japan. And the thing is, when you say something like that, you're not saying you hate george as a person, because you know you're above that. You don't even know the guy. He's probably great if he's your drinking buddy, or your coke buddy, (awful curious how they keep finding this mysterious white powder around while he's in office, but that's another story) Seriously though, who wouldn't like to go rollin' rollin' rollin' (rawhide style) in the back of one of the Bush Clan family 4X4's with a couple of shotguns and drinking bourbon and shooting geese and cans on a weekend out at camp david or so? I'm sure it's a blast. Literally. But that doesn't mean you have to like the Wahoo as your President. and that's all I'm saying. let him go back to being a partying frat boy with a bunch of oil money in the bank, but don't stand behind him while he drives the entire country into the ground. (and on YOUR dime i might add.) Okay remember, if you do anything today, just turn to someone. could be someone on the subway, or even someone at your vespers after church. or, how about this, instead of saying, "happy sabbath" tonight, try this: "I hate george bush as my president." it's really the same thing. God would love you to say that. and you know what else? It's VERY american to admit it. Stand up for yourself. fight for what you believe in.

I believe in you. and together, we can make a difference.

Now, don't rag on my site today. I'm working on it. Nobody's come through with a clever idea on how to deal with all those images, and my ideas seem to go above the heads of my design team, and you already know i have no idea how to design, so you know, just be patient. I'm working on some ideas.

Wait till you hear my new idea for a movie. It's like Wag the Dog in a way, except it's even more scary, AND it would probably force George out of the white house. I can't really write about it here because it's just too good. but come check me out. I'll tell you about it.

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