dude cut his finger

dude cut his finger man.

I'm on the mend. got trounced after my birthday last week. anyway. i'm beat man. i was having more issues with this eMac. I don't know dude. the G5's don't seem to crash like this. Those G4's don't either. I wonder what's the deal?

anyway, saving you some clicks. (you're welcome) what i did was put most of the links just here on this first page so you don't have to hunt around for the pictures. Thing is i've completely changed the ordering around, and so you have to play a little hüsker dü to find some of the images from time to time. Maybe it's fun. I can't say yet, because i'm just ready to forget about it for tonight. It's been a long one trying to come up with something because i wasn't really feeling it man. Just imagine that when you click around, that everything works really smooth like, and it's a real blast, and the pictures are all new, and the interface is really cool and works well on pc's and macs, and it even streams video and stuff, and you can play it on your iPod or something. I mean, Picture a website unlike anything you've ever seen before. I mean, that's basically what i was going for, so you probably get a sense of it. I just bypassed all that "flash" crap, and trimmed the fat. it's still heavy on the pop ups, but don't think about it as like, Pop-Up-Land. Just imagine that they aren't pop ups, it's just this really clever design that you had never even thought of before. tell all your friends to check it out. like, that way more people will come to see the emporer's new clothes.

Listen, blame it on Bush man. If he wasn't in office, i'm sure i'd come up with a cooler webdesign just off the top of my head, but the fact is, i heard someone saying that the young kids these days, the college kids, aren't planning to vote at all this fall because they don't believe their vote actually does anything. Man, i tell you that sort of chatter will distract a guy. How'm i supposed to get anything done when there's kids out there smoking pot going to NYU and saying their votes won't count? Jesus man. EVERY VOTE COUNTS WHEN YOU'RE OUT TO KICK BUSH IN THE ASS. Come on folks. spread the word. We can't get him out if you don't vote him out man. Well. you can, but it's you know, considered taboo. You gotta pretty much vote him out if you want to enjoy his absence from the white house. that's how it's going to work. Listen, just sort of bear with the site until i come up with something. gimme a couple days to think about it. If some of the links don't work, don't sweat it. I don't mind. Niether should you. It's all just temporary man. Try and be more open minded about stuff.

and that dude on the bus, he cut his finger somehow... looks like a nasty scar.

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