east 19, way back

got out of work tonight and headed up to check out an apartment in the flatiron. it was the first listen to mr. pink, the new mini iPod. I have to admit. it kicks ass, and it really is tiny man.

I love getting on the bandwagon. it's like i'm driving a new Hummer. I have the blue suede uptowns. I'm sportin' the trademark white cords that hang like the golden ropes of an honors graduate from my ears. The new symbol of cool that the wallstreet journal and the new york times and the washington post have all been boasting about under the guise of fair and accurate reportage for the weeks leading up to the much anticipated release of the new mini. iPODS MAN. iPODS. it's not headphones any more man. it's iPods. it's not walkmen. (ya ya. bows and arrows. good job.) it's not portable cd players it's iPods. and if you don't have one, you're a loser. If you don't have one, you're a poseur. (alright back to the bit about the news.) Hey man, news isn't news unless it sells papers, and what sells right now is apple. and me? i'm into it man. and i beat you. (thanks miss iVins. nice.) I feel like, for once, because i have a little pink hard drive that is smaller than a pack of tiger striped "sniffs" brand nose wipes, that i'm cooler than everyone else in their 200 dollar jeans with their white leather belts and their 150 dollar vans slip ons. I got the new Hummer H3 dude. the iPod mini. so Fuck You. (and no, you can't have some spare change man. Coffee's are four bucks. What do you take me for? Carnegie? Rockefeller? get with it man. I can't even hear you. And that's on purpose...) good times man. i tell you. So tonight we rolled out to this apartment. pretty nice man. Upscale. There's was this dude, Victor. He brought us food. He's in the pictures man. I had a burger and fries and some cake and some soup and some calamari, and you know what man? we got like 2 bags of trash out of it. Easily. Plastic spoons and forks and straws and napkins and i guarantee you they're never going to be recycled man. Not here. Not ever. they're all just in the trash with the dirty diapers and the empty pepsi cans and they were never even touched man. Thanks Bush. you make everything possible man. You're bigger than Boss Hogg in my book hoss. Consume man. there's a war on. We're fighting terror with this consumption. I love it.

(anyway. check out the apartment.at least a few pictures of it.)

<*rant continues> Victor is partially responsible man. He brought all those extra forks and spoons and knives with the burgers. they do that here in new york. You go to the store, you order a tuna fish sandwich and a coke. You get a brown paper bag with a tuna fish sandwich wrapped in tinfoil and then waxpaper or sandwich paper, then you get about 10 plastic forks, 4 or five plastic knives, a few plastic spoons, about 40 little white napkins, 5 peppers, 6 or 7 salts, 9 packs of ketchup, 3 packets of mayo, 5 or 6 packets of mustard, and 3 straws. Sometimes you'll even get a seperate bag for the coke. and then, you eat the sandwich, drink the coke and throw ALL THE REST OF IT IN THE EAST RIVER. Well. maybe YOU don't, but believe me, it gets there. NICE. times all the people eating sandwiches and bagels in new york city every single day. ROAR!!! Take that you thirdworld wannabes straightening out bent nails for your grampa over summer break for a little money to buy a snickers.

alright. that sounded like a rant. enough is enough. but seriously, take a look at some new pics. i've got an iPod to load up with the cool tunes, and a nap to take before i go back to my job dude.

Keep it down.

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