horse ass face

made some adjustments to the site tonight. I think that for now it will be possible to see all of the old images, and maybe encounter some you haven't seen before along the way. Use the archives button to navigate your way through the site. It's pretty late, so i've got to keep this brief. I had a writer's block yesterday, and wasn't able to come up with a title for the page. And then, looking at that building on the corner of 1st and 1st where all the graf writers come to piss on the wall with their pens, and that sign, it was a true writer's block and i guess the rest is history.

Things to look forward to this week:

my mini iPod. it's Pink, because i'm macho.
some very good links.
some new pictures.
possible links to old dialogue.
something stupid from the mouth of george w. bush.

have fun with the site today. there's more to come. and remember. There's a little mantra that will put a smile on anyone's face, so please practice it. Silently at first, and then gradually get louder. In time you can add claps to emphasize your focus.

repeat after me:

"George W. Bush. Horse, Ass, Face."

"George W. Bush. Horse, Ass, Face."

"George W. Bush. Horse, Ass, Face."

you're getting it. good job! now share this important mantra with your friends.

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