mister pink

The mini iPod has arrived. I'm very excited. Special Thanks to Miss Heather Ivins of heatherivins.com fame. That was a nice birthday present if i do say so myself.

I'm hoping to make my way uptown to pick him up from the delivery room. Mr. Pink is the name. Gonna be playing the heavy hitter stuff on there. Look for a copy of my playlist here some day.

Very busy at work today so gots to keep it brief. Note the cover image. Discovered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. it appears there was a common housefly, made his way into an egyptian exhibit, and like many humans trying to find their way to the treasures in the crypts and pyramids, found himself lost in a labyrinth beyond his mental capacity. He is seen here spending eternity amongst some pinner heads.

Listen, Do a wheelie. Life's too short.

so long howard dean. I liked your screaming, but i still always thought you were a poseur. I'd take you over bush, but only over bush.

I'm not too keen on the other candidates either, but god bless america. they voted the redhead off american idol, and kept the meathead fratboy. So, me? i'm bracing for another 4 years of George W. Bush. at least i can block out the BS with my little pink iPod.

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