my pictures kick ass

tonight i wasn't feeling it man. i mean, i was into the whole, alright, NBC roped me into another week with Average Joe, but damn it, i really wanted to do something else with my monday nights. Thing is, it looks like Larissa really will choose brian. I mean, she's got to right?! (alright. You really shouldn't know the answer, or even spend time thinking about it. It is the responsibility of reality television to disappoint you in the end, reaffirming your natural sense of what is wrong with television in the first place...)

So i came upstairs to the computer, but was apprehensive. I had read something on an apple site about how apples and particularly apples running OSX never crash, and how PCs always do. But the thing is, my apple crashes all the time, and my PC at work has never crashed in almost a whole year of using it. So i was thinking about that when i came to the machine and thinking i should nap instead. But then i thought of Tim, all the way out there in california thinking to himself, "man, he's got to have changed the site by now... He's just GOT to have done something..." and i said to myself, "come on danconnortown. give the people what they want." (what is it you really want?) and i was looking through my pictures from the past couple of days and not feeling very impressed, but then i looked again, and you know what? I was wrong.

My pictures kick ass. All i have to do is point the camera at anything and it kicks ass. It doesn't have to be in focus, it doesn't have to be framed, the girls don't have to be models, the lighting doesn't have to take 18 profoto pro7 packs and 5 bitubes and 13 pro7 heads, it's just got to be shot by me, and it's like bars of gold stacked at your feet. and then i found myself saying, "no man, no. Hold back. Don't give it to them all at once. Folks won't be able to take it. They're going to freak out. The Tom Munro's and the Michael Thompsons are going to get nervous. They're going to get scared." and so i stopped. I went over my normal allowance for a night because i really wanted to give Tim a little something extra. I took it out to Twenty Three. A lucky number for me. Well. it's not lucky, i just was born on a 23rd, so i always think it's lucky for some reason. But it's not a lucky number, it just looks good. (like me.) But seriously, the thing i wanted to say before i got up on this horse is, that my pictures don't have to look good because AT LEAST YOU AREN'T GAWKING AT THE HEADLINES ABOUT KERRY AND NADER AND BUSH. at least you're not watching Fox News.

Because of my pictures, there is asylum. there is amnesty. You are free even if only for a moment, and my little couple-hundred-dollar-camera is your saviour. You aren't having the passion of christ rammed down your throat by NBC or ABC or any of the networks because Mel Gibson doesn't want anything to do with danconnortown. and THAT is why my pictures kick ass.

So for that, you are very welcome. Just forget about everything else for a minute. Check out JT's new place. Check out my kitchen. Check out some blurry stuff. but for a minute, just plain check out.

You're beautiful. And i think you're great. And i'm glad you stopped by today. Good Effing Job!

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