not too much, just enough (mayo)


Well, i don't have an answer for the layout yet. i mean, i'll keep thinking about it, but tonight i was thinking about something else. i was at home and i got to thinking about my ol' buddy wiessla. He's this crazy film maker from canada with two passports. He moved to paris a while back, i guess it's been years now, and from time to time he writes me and tells me how much he misses new york sometimes, particularly living in bedstuy and all the lovely things that go on over there. He would always get this turkey hero from the guys downstairs, and get it with some cheese maybe, and a little mayonaise"Not too much, Just Enough !!!" he'd shout through the bullet proof money box that you have to pay into at night over there. Man, we'd both be smoking about two cigarettes at a time while we waited for that hero. I tell you. And then we'd go up to his dump and hang out editing photos and coming up with treatments for street films.

Well, he sends me photos from time to time. Some are of his life in paris, eating horses and stinky cheese, others are his memories of living here. I told him once i had enough of them i'd toss 'em up on the site for a stretch.

So today's the big day man. Chris Wiessler: From Paris to Bedstuy, a frenchman's journey... is going to be with us for a little while, and may update from time to time. I hope you'll enjoy it. Wiessla, my hat's off to you.

Also, there are images from nearly a year ago when i met up with Katy Beal just off of 8 Mile Road outside of detroit. I've been trying to get the original files from london for about a year, and finally decided to just run with some of the thumbnails. it's like, defocus, low-res, good times. why sweat the big files? why bother at all? thumbnails are just as good on the web man. Trust me, their fine. prevents a man from spending too much time thinking about it.

and finally i've also put some images from this past week in the city. I'm testing the new Photoshop CS tonight, and so far no crashes, so we might be back in business once and for all. Let's cross our fingers at least. You can download a demo from that link. (ya welcome.)

and hey, don't worry about all those other old pictures. they'll be back. there'll all still right here actually. All they need are some buttons.

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