taxman sodomy 101

About to fix me some breakfast. I've got this sort of writer's block. Probably because i'm not a writer, and so you know, i get this block. I'm still working on the update that puts all of the images in a way that you all can access them easily.

Trouble is, FOX broadcasting keeps coming out with more and more ridiculous reality shows that you just have to see. And since i'm going down with the rest of you, I want to have something to talk about while we're all congregating in hell one day.

We'll be all, "welp. George W. won again." And one thing led to another and lo and behold, here we all are in hell. (as though there really was a hell, and any of us would actually wind up there because of something george w bush did)

anyway, i went to the taxman yesterday. I got sodomized. Freelance is rough on the wallet man. Believe me. And george is going to buy some new airplanes with the money he gets out of ol' danconnortown this year. Better watch your heads.

danconnortown 12.29.06p 30˚f/ overcast