eat cheese. keep it real.

Man. It's been some days. there's irony around as well. The sprint nightmare finally ended, but the new nightmare with the new carrier is only beginning to ramp up to speed.

Speaking of ramped up to speed, John Tinney the master and commander of Bristol England, as well as the only known survivor of a sharpie attack laid upon him by the illusive Neck Face of street art fame.

I have a lot to say about it. lots of images to post, but i can't just now. Studio is first, and i've got a whole novel to write about my effing cellular phone story. Oh it's brilliant.

so bear with me. Check back. Be good. Eat Cheese. Keep it real. Check out Ruben at Arlene Grocery saturday (NYC) 3pm. I can't promise they're as good as us, but i'll tell you what, I don't know anybody as good as us. The White Strokes are unstoppable man.

Anyway, check back. check out Ruben. just check out. I'll explain about the RBV later. whatever you do, KNOW that George W. Bush is out to get you man. He's out to get you. You're either with us, or you are a terrorist. and hey. Happy Birthday man. good job.

danconnortown 10.48.13p 43˚f/ clear as a bell.