huffing dialysis

Came back to Brooklyn last night for two things. Firstly, to update Mr. Pink. (that's the mini iPod for those of you out of the loop) I had to send it back for a new battery, but apple insists they didn't do anything to it. (except wipe the drive completely clean) And then, i came to update the site, but after trying to resize the first of many images and the machine crashed, i just said, "fuggit". i have pictures, but i don't have patience. After sleeping on the floor (and occasionally an uncomfortable air mattress) of a decidedly cooler pad, my big bed was more interesting than restarting the machine that never crashes about 15 times. Fact is, my eMac crashes more than any computer i've ever owned, (excepting the hand built Mac Clone i assembled when i first moved to NYC in 2001) So the pod is up to date. The website gets no new photos, and i am a little better rested. I am probably going to update from the laptop in town henceforth, simply because that one doesn't crash, so check back again, there's much coming, just not today.

In other news, I heard they nearly caught Osama in afghanistan the other day. Ya. apparently he was running through the woods in a densely forested mountainside, huffing his dialysis machine behind him in the 90 degree heat, and they nearly had him, in fact they were gaining on him, but those darned Military Edition Hummers were just too wide. Couldn't fit between the trees, and he got away. Keep your eyes peeled for a beardless, shabbily dressed man with an eye patch going by the name Amaso, to be found at Camp David long about Mid July. (sooner depending on the Bush Campaign polls.)

Register to vote and let's get this cowboy wahoo out of office comes november. And if you support bush, get off my site, and stay off. Just kidding. Get educated, change your mind, and you can come back.

The rest of you, thank you for checking back. I'll come up with something soon.

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