hummer drivin' larissa wantin' meatheads

Some time has passed, and some things have happened. For starters, I broke up with SPRINT PCS. EFF THEM. They're gone man. I tell you, two years plus of dumb ol' Claire and the rest of them over there. i hope they tank. I mean, sure they got regular folks working there too, with dogs and girlfriends and worrying about bird crap on their cars and the like, but Sprint? Na. Fuggem. I'm glad to be rid of 'em, and even if it costs me more in the end, i'm happy to give 'em the boot.

John Tinney is in town from London. Katy Beal is in from Milan. Chris Wiessler is skipping off to London from Paris, I guess he's going to go kick england's ass now. Jason Todd is all moved in to his new place in the village.

I'm staying in a kick ass pad in the flatiron for a while, and it's finally getting warm again. The bicycle is out of the basement. Thing about the pad in town is, i don't have my computer there, so that explains the delay in my update. I came home last night to watch Larissa give ol' Brian the boot, because there's no way she can pick an Average Joe. That chick cost me two bucks last night. (this bulgarian i know, and his ol' lady soaked me for a couple of ones on a bet)

I was out taking pictures on Sunday, a pretty nice day (by new york standards) and i came across this tag. "FUCK YOU" it said, and i was taken back to 8th grade when Holden Caulfield was saying how there's always someone writing "fuck you" on the wall. It's true man. Ol' Holden was on top of it, way back when. I suppose there always will be someone writing fuck you on the wall. For a while, folks were writing fuck bush, but i guess folks like him now. I heard the press was asking around for another terrorist attack, just to boost his ratings. Could you imagine?! Ha! "welp. we're tanking in the polls, what do you say we blow up a bus in times square to put bush back on top?!" ..."na, na. I say we just bring Osama up from Camp David now, that ought to be good enough..." and so on. What a beautiful world this would be. Let's see how it pans out.

I'm still thinking about the covers page. Like how to update it. and i'm wondering what you guys think. See, i could put recent covers in front of the old ones, so you don't have to scroll all the way to the end to see them, or, i could put them at the end, so that you would get to scroll to the end to see them. Let's get some opinions. I've never received a letter from someone clicking on the email link on this site. (well. i got some from a few cats in australia about a year ago, and maybe one or two from up in helsinki around the same time, but that was really just folks wondering how i got on Design Is Kinky.)

The answer of course was my man Asif, who's indian belt buckle is featured on todays scroller. You can check out how he does it on his site too. Ya man. he's down with the injuns. We're working on a plan to give the country back to them. Give 'em the guns and ammo too. Scare the poopy out of a few hummer drivin' Larissa wantin' meatheads.

Lunch time calls so i gotta roll. I might be a few days before i update again. it's nothing personal, it's just i'm finding i have less time to hang around here doing it lately, even though photoshop CS kicks the ass of all previous photoshops.

Oh hey, if you don't like sprint either, you should dump them. Hell. everyone should dump them anyway. They're bad people. I think they're involved in some shinanigans too. But aside from that, they don't care about you. Yolanda told me so when i broke up with them myself. Alright. i've gotta get outside.

Be good to each other, and don't go around writing fuck you on the wall. Come up with something new. I'll keep an eye out for ya.

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