10/10 rip off

HEY MAN! Thanks for checking back! A lot has happened. Firstly, I just accidentally threw away 20 new images, I can't recall which ones they were because "i've suffered a head injury" HA! I ran into a pole with my head. The pole was metal, my head was not. So, i'm sorry about that. I don't know where they went either, but they were slated to be the first ones you'd see in this update. Tough break. Anyway, PLEASE accept these 100 new images as a small token of my appreciation for your checking back. Much obliged!

Other things have happened. None the least of which, I was completely screwed by the folks at 10/10 optical at 168 5th avenue in Manhattan. My god. this dude JESUS who works there totally ripped me off, and then was all smug about it, like, "ha ha. stupid moron! I just took you to the cleaners, but we're so cool we don't care if we lose ONE piddly customer, so EFF YOU, and get LOST." I hate people that do business like that, i seriously frown on that kind of crap.

So i've got a plan. if you've had it up to your chin with "slick" sales people that treat you like crap and get away with it, give this yodel a call, and tell him you found out he's a rip off artist, and you aren't ever going there because he shafted danconnortown. One by one we can take 'em down.

Here's what happened. Jesus quoted me Four hundred bucks for new glasses, and then totally jacked the price AFTER i'd paid and left, and then had the balls to be like, "tough luck pal. So what if it's $150 more than we told you? Just because there was a misunderstanding doesn't mean I have to make it right. You wanna SEE don't you?!"

I was like, "DUDE. It's not a misunderstanding. You flat out LIED to me, and now you're trying to screw me in lieu of giving me my new glasses. And you didn't even CLEAN the damned things!" I mean, that was total B.S. I'd fire his ass. Steve, the boss man, he was alright. funny observations about the merits of legalizing heroin, and the pitfalls of legalizing marijuana witty stuff. and yes, i can see better, but that's no excuse to allow ASSHOLES to push your product, and then SCREW the customer. I mean, i can crack wise about politics and drugs too, AND i'll take care of you at my place of business.

anyway. Please do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. give him a call. "Jesus" at 212.366.1010. If he's not in, leave a message. tell him you saw this website, and it's not cool to screw the common man.

That's how folks like England got all their tea chucked off the boats back in the olden days. I mean, one day folks just said, ENOUGH CRAP, LET'S CHUCK THEIR TEA! Now, i'm not saying dress up like indians and go in there and start tossing their glasses out the door, but at least buy your eyeglasses somewhere else, and tell other people how shady they do it at 10/10 optical on 5th ave in manhattan.

What else? YES. finally free from Sprint. You can find a photo of my hammersmashed phone somewhere in the new links. It was a battle but i finally broke free. (it's possible the smashed phone is among the 20 lost images. if so, just imagine a phone, smashed by a hammer, and then take a picture of it with your mind's eye.)

Partied down with Jason Francis (the party mogul of NYC) on his birthday at the Shag Pad on 19th street. Angela was there from Los Angeles, and Marc Boyer was there via wireless. booze was drunk, folks was humped, and damage to a kneecap ensued. gratefully, not my own. Mister Francis left the emergency room on his own steam, and then left New York likewise. Best of luck kicking the mayor's ass in Los Angeles old boy.

In other news my cousin got married. Lots of family came. It was cubans and peruvians and puertoricans coming in the windows, drinking and dancing their asses off. Good times. Maracas and Sombreros. Tequila and Steaks. Peacocks and Fountains. Red Dresses and Sambuca in little chocolate sipping cups.

Register to vote there's still time. Let's get Mister Bush out of the white house. Enough is enough already. And if you support Bush, get off my site, and stay off. you're supporting a terrorist. Just kidding, well.not really.But seriously, Get educated, change your mind, and you can come back. I appreciate when people get educated and change their minds. Howard Zinn can help you with that. Check out The People's History of the United States. It's a great starting point. sorry about giving props to Amazon, but it's just so EASY. and you know how us kooky americans love our convenience.

Listen, thanks for coming back. I'm sorry i've been so long. I'll try do better, but for now, i think the dailies are a thing of the past. Call 10/10 optical. Tell them they were bad, really. It's something small that you CAN do, and it will really make a difference. If you can't spank on the nose, spank 'em in the wallet. Thanks. And Mr. Kurt Cobain, rest in peace man. We miss your rock and roll. (Courtney, watch your back... the cops are coming your way real soon.)

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