edward colver

So ya. things are great man.

but i'm taking it on down. (down down to lo-rez town)

there's some pictures from the weekend. I tell you what. ran into Edward Colver on Lafayette. The Guvna. Never known him to leave Los Angeles, but there he was. ha!

went to see the QM2 Roll out of town, ate tamales and lamb burgers instead. (i got cold waiting man.)

um, what else?

I guess that's it.

oh here's what. you can see i've taken the eMac out of the house. boxed it up. goes to the shop man. maybe it'll work soon. but until then, i have to use a Real G4 instead.

Saw that Tim Robbins show, Embedded. I liked it just as much as i liked Dr.Strangelove. check it out on google or something. come to town and see it for yourself. good times.

The rain's back too. And the cold. NICE.

welp. Like they say when they really love you, "Enjoy the Rain..."

Oh yes indeed.

Enjoy. Just like an icy cold coca-cola.

And god, bless america. we're so fucking awesome. bless us every one. (OR ELSE.)

danconnortown 21 h 15:21p 56˚f/ rainin' like a bastid. good times.