the queen mary 2

Earth Day. Ah... this morning i woke up at the crack of it. The sun was just starting to wink across the city through that spring haze the indians used to talk about. (till they got mowed down in the name of progress) It was a beautiful morning, and being earthday, a fitting day to make my way to one of the most polluted rivers we have, and observe the arrival of The Queen Mary 2 on her Transcontinental Maiden Voyage to our little island. It was glorious. To imagine 150,000 (give or take) horses paddling away under a boat the size of the empire state building laying on its side is one thing, but to see it with your own eyes, come gliding through the fog was really something else. People cheering, helicopters buzzing about like pesky flies, and that morning glow only appreciated on the west side. Good times.

Things are okay. Life has its moments. And I heard something this morning about danconnortown that i would say is quotable. (kudos Mr. Francis. You've found your sea legs...) I'll share it with you. RE: this very site...
"Ego tripping at the gates of hell? All in good fun, I'm sure-- he's Mr. Solid. More sensitive than he lets on."

Thoughtful. Provocative.

You know, someone close to me said once, "Perspective changes the way you remember things."

Indeed it does. From where i'm standing, I think i remember it a little more clearly.

ah... good times.

Now get out there and hug yourself a tree. Put your trash in the street instead of the river today, and smile when you see the grungy man with his pud in his paw.

There but for the grace of god, stands you.

...and YES, you can have your pillows back.

danconnortown 12 h 01:17p 65˚f/ clear but hazy. "FAIR" they call it.