very white girls, very small bikinis

Hitler, Waco, Oklahoma City, what else? Stoners in Berkeley. What an anniversary.

Somehow we all survived the weekend. Flowers in bloom, central park a sea of white blankets and very white girls in very small bikinis. Not much of a hangover, not much of anything but a mess in the pad and some hickies on my chest neck face and back.

Might even be some on my knees.

But it was fine. The damage was minimal. A few pints of hummous and beer in the carpets, nothing a replacement carpet or new hardwood floor can't fix.

I've seen the plans. Looks like the new hardwood floor is going to do the trick.

Finally spring is here. It is warm as it gets for this time of year, and everyone is feeling it. New York is definitely feeling the winds of change, breakups and hook ups abound. Women in small clothes and men turning to wolves. New York is one hell of a town when it turns the corner from fa fa freezing yer nuts to flip flops with sticky chewing gum on the bottom.

today's images are a bit of the party on friday, and a bit of the weekend, but nothing for today really, or yesterday even. (still having that eMac attack at home, so you see how it gets delayed) but thanks for checking back. i'm bringing the machine to the bulgarian repair center, and hopefully i'll be back up to speed before you know it.

and as always, thank you thank you for coming back.

and hey... ah. never mind. you're doing fine.

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