zoloft for the clouds

Feeling much better. Went out with Macho Man Asif and his sis, saw some art, some folks. drank pint glasses of rum and coke, rolled down town, saw a substitute teacher out of control, saw a lot of things. None the least of which was chicago on fire. rolled uptown had some laughs. rolled back on down, took a bubble bath. Who's complaining?

Images abound.

stomach's alright.

Spring is still springy. Blasts from the past smacking my noggin' every day. Loving it.

Katy Beal is back from Europe. Other things are going nicely too.

Hearing from the circles in the west and the south, thanks for the support man, makes a fella feel loved.

Probably going to shut dtown down for a day this week, but i will be back. Just want to tune my brain stem, make some clean ups. Nothing personal. (well. maybe it's personal)

NYC weather is still desperately in need of therapy. it's very bipolar here. Zoloft for the clouds.

things i've said are coming to roost. gimme a day or two. you'll get a fix.

can't say much else right now, but i'm eating. i'm still standing. Come and get it.

danconnortown 15 h 49:01p 56˚f/ crisp and clear.