ponies through the window

If i had a dollar for every time i had a surprise yesterday, I'd probably have earned enough to buy us both lunch someplace nice.

April left on an up.

I didn't make any photographs yesterday, which was a challenge and a break for me. Ironically, at 3am this morning, when i wanted to make pictures, the camera didn't want to. so I can only say that it was an evening i'll not soon forget. An evening with Representative Ball on East 19. Taking the new record for a test drive. I tell you what. These cats could be better than Ween. They've taken a bite out of something. I would say that their new album makes having a good times, REAL good times. We muscled through some story boards for the upcoming videos, but even though we gambled into the tens of thousands of dollars last night, we have yet to source the budget for these projects.

On the irony scale, i received a message from patti rothberg yesterday. a surprise that set me in my chair. See, i had gone to see her play in california twice some years ago, and both times the show was cancelled or the date changed or something like this so i missed her. Well. yesterday she missed me back. (Left a great message, thank you- I laughed, I cried...) and then to sort of level out the scales of Karmic Retribution, she went to my website yesterday only to find it was closed for the first time in history. HA! I suppose that makes us even. We did catch up later that night, and i have it on good authority it is unlikely i will miss her next show. (again, many many thanks. THEM'S good times.)

Top few things i saw without my camera yesterday:

1. a piano swinging through the windows of a highrise from the boom of a crane.

2. a man from jersey who suddenly attracted the attention of more than 12 cops and 4 cruisers.

3. two ponies swinging through the windows of E19 with wide belly straps, also slung from the boom of a crane.

4. myself with a smile that went from ear to ear.

* when you realize how much folks seem to like you, I have to be honest, it just feels nice. I hope you all have moments where you feel the way i did last night, regardless of how much drugs-or-booze it takes to get there, just be happy, price no object.

5. myself in awe of the things you see when you don't have a camera in your hand. (as observed in the reflection of a plate glass window while passing on my bicycle at speed in NYC's luxurious friday night traffic snarl.)

and other things.

Now. the ponies may have actually been seen with my mind's eye, but who's to say it wasn't real? I know for a fact i'm not the only one who saw them. And that my friends, was exactly the point of this excercise.

Misha Gravenor is in town for a stretch. Keep your eyes out for that guy. I hear he's holed up at The Hudson uptown.

Katy Beal has gone missing again. (please give us a call)

Today's images are actually a couple of days old, but they will give you a sense of it... i've got great things in store for us. Kid A and yours truly got you covered man. Just be patient, and enjoy.

Much much love,

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