rolling out to tucson

Ah yes indeedy! I tell you what man. You can take it on down... I was down there, and this cat can take it RIGHT ON DOWN, but you know, you get down there, and you're looking around, and you're like, "this blows..." and you know, you can buy some cigarettes, you can smoke some grass, you can drink some booze, you can see a shrink, you can see a few of 'em, you can talk to jesus, you can talk to your friends, you can flip your finger at a cop, you can kick a bum when he's down, you can key a hummer, you can eat a double bacon cheeseburger, you can listen to your favorite highschool punk rock bands, you can get a bottomless lap dance, you can do all kinds of shit man, all kinds of shit, let me tell you.

But they got this thing out there. It's a happy pill. you can get 'em on the internet. you can get 'em at the drug store. you can get 'em from your friends if you got the right kind of friends, but them fuckers. MY WORD.I tell you, it just plain makes you happy and that's all there is to it. Well, maybe it doesn't make you happy. maybe all it does is yank you up off the floor and slap your face and stick a sucker in the hole. I can't say, but i can tell you that for a while there man i was not into it. And it don't matter if i sound like a loon today, i was down on the bottom, sucking seaweed and not digging it one lick, and then cafuckingblamo, i just plain old don't mind.

good times. So. that said, i can say this. i've done a lot of things, and i'm about to do a few more. None the least of which is i'm bolting the hell out of here on wednesday and i'm rolling out to Tucson, going back to tucson man. i'm going to see them big assed dump trucks. I'm going to see the chod man graduate from his college, i'm going to see that Hayes Urban charactor up and out of texas. i'm going to see that Grand Canyon and walk around on the edge of it. I'm going to eat tree bark and lay down naked in a yurt. i'm going to get right the hell on out and right the hell on up and drink home made absynthe and washtub agave. i'm going to tear around in convertible cadillac and i'm going to smoke cigarettes and run around some joshua trees.

and after a bunch of days of that, i'm going to come back here and give old New York City a fucking wedgie. It needs it. YOINK! up your britches with some underpants. that's what i'm talking about man. Pico De Gayo. The good times. Airplane Graveyard. Big Trucks man. that Arizona Biltmore, i'm going there too. i'm going to that 90 foot waterslide, i'm going to get in that powershower, i'm going to swim up to the bar, and i'm going to climb mount whatchoo call it again. Squaw Peak. That's what i'm going to do. i'm going to get the cobwebs out. Paint the elevator yellow.

some folks say, "hay man. what gives? is that one of them plastic smiles? you got one of them chemical smiles? what's with you man? you got cuckoo bird on your brainstem?!"

I say, happiness pie baby. whatever it takes.

so that's that, and there's your poop. Sorry i was out, sorry i was off, but i'm coming back and i'm coming on and dude, just wait till you see how i see that south. that west. it's gonna be nice man. lay it down, turn it brown.

this update shows some new stuff. one is the progression of the death of my camera. from time to time it just takes electronic noise instead of images, but who am i to edit out that stuff? maybe somebody understands it. like there's one at the end of today's scroller, it's got this sort of blue streak through it going left to right. Well, that's like 17th street at 6th avenue long about 10 o'clock at night man. walking uptown. I'd just left the studio and took the long way around. I was listening to my friend on the phone and the taxi's were roaring by, there were some sirens, and the sky was blue, but not blue like day time, more blue like night time. Indigo.

Watched Big Fish again. good for the brain. Drank pineapple spiked tequila too. I tell you man. Good times. Forget yesterday man. Well. don't forget it, but you better laugh at it. that's what i'm doin' and man it feels good.


cuckoo man cuckoo. now don't go getting scared. this is just how we do it. Now remember, we gotta get ol' bush outta there. but don't go getting your heads cracked by the fuzz over it, and if your in NYC this month on your bicycle, keep your eye out for the man, they're busting cats on bikes running lights and going the wrong way on one way streets. You can't say i didn't warn you.

JT, welcome home! Misha, have a blast in singapore/japan/hongkong/mexico city! Clay, thanks for coming by man. You rock it. Tucson, cover your ears man. and to all of my friends who were there for me, thanks dude. you don't know how much it helped having you all circle the wagons, but i'm sure you will. thanks.

danconnortown 16 h 13:57a 67˚f/ clear and beautiful out there! YEEEHA!

do a wheelie!