southwestern chop salad

Alright dude.

I think we're getting somewhere. Um. what is it i was going to say? Oh yes. Tucson. The Desert. Had a break from the city, saw a lot of great music. Keep your eyes on that cat Tom Walbank. That dude kicked my head's ass on guitar and layin' down the blues like nobody's business. Makes the white stripes look like a couple of pussies. (alright, maybe not pussies. Jack White clearly has his shit together, but i'm trying to make a point. Check him out.)

Groggy this morning. Had an evening with Mister Cel-Ray on the west village rooftop where you can see an optical illusion that is the spit and image of Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. It's really just a couple of water towers, but even your dad would see him.

Hey. I didn't see the dumptrucks. I don't want to talk about it. They're like dinosaurs or something. I mean, you'd think that a truck so big in a town so flat would be pretty easy to spot. Word on the street is, they're all underground. HOW BIG IS THE HOLE THAT CAN HIDE 30 TRUCKS THAT LOOK LIKE THIS?! I mean, come on. Truth is, i didn't get a lot of time to look for them, because.

Tucson is the land of tattoos. Everyone's got a tattoo. they aren't all good, but they got 'em. Nice folks too. I even saw a dog with a tattoo. (i'm sure he just picked it off the wall)

Images from the trip are in a semi-sequential order. I got to thinking it was taking too long to get this update online so you know, i didn't put too much effort into the layout. Hey, photographers are going off right now. Studios here are fully booked, rolling over, stretching out, locations slamming, we've got 5 H25 backs out there, earning their keep, generators, ladders, all that shit. Good times.

It was a 100 degrees out there every day. Great weather man. I saw the jazz, the blues and the rock and roll. I threw up in a trash can. I spun out on crunchy powder and rode a low rider bicycle to the sunrise. I smashed my finger with a hammer pinning an image of Hayes Urban to the wall. I saw both killbills. good times ol' kill bill. i thought part 2 got a little schmarmy at the end, but god bless it, that was well done anyway. I saw the Chod Man graduate from ASU. I ate some good stuff down to Cafe Jinx. I drank boat drinks by the pool. I ate good mexican food. So there you have it. If you're checking the site today (the 28th) and you're in New York City, (and it clears up today) catch the sunset today. get outside for it. I saw this with my bunny rabbit a few years ago and i tell you what, it's fucking amazing man. the streets light up like they're on fire. Kudos to Jimbo for the poop on the sunschedule, I love to see that.

Oh, here's some stuff. I saw some chick in a chick band wearing a Prada shirt, of my design. HA! i'm prolific man. I also saw some other shirt i invented. The I AM New York shirt. God bless it. 10,000 monkeys all picked up guitars.

Let's see. Saw The Fashionistas a few times while in town, and i went to a nice outdoor screening of Winged Migration followed by a little fashion show. I love a runway of earth. You don't see that so much in The Puck Building or up to Bryant Park.

In other news, I developed the kickass southwestern chop salad while in tucson and i had the opportunity to prepare it for Chan Marshall of Cat Power fame. As it turns out, she had to check into the doctor's in Phoenix after her show in NYC the night before. Haven't heard the outcome. Chan, hope you're well and rested. Sorry you missed the salad, it was no joke. The real deal. when you come back to NYC i'll set you up. Chod had a decent quiche on deck for you too, Tucson loves you. Be well.

Meanwhile, back here in town it's been nonstop since i got back. Representative Ball finished that new record and i've got a copy and i tell you, you're going to love it. I think you'll especially love their little ditty, "she's a pony". Due out soon.

Had a major Kung Fu party down to dikeman over the weekend. still working my way through those images so bare with me for a minute. Trying to apply the Asif Frame Set to the site but it's a busy time on the work front, so dtown is a bit like the cobbler's shoes at the moment.

I think that's enough for now. You've got a lot of pictures to look at. Have a good time and come on back now. Good Times.

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