fairies wear boots

Listening to some old Breeders (title UK) and some old Dead Kennedys, (because they don't have any new stuff either) still at the studio, wanted to take that eMac home tonight, but figured, what's another day?

So the weekend was good times. Seems like things are smoothing out some. I mean, i know this one chick in Oklahoma who can't catch a break no matter what she does, always moving around like them Nomads, but i just saw "slums of beverly hills" again, and i think Nomads are alright. So i bet she finds her feet and even if it is a skipping record, she'll be fine (so long as there aren't any guns around).

In other news, big pet on the back for The United States, apparently they averted another terrorist attack. (we can all breathe easy now. thank George W. Bush... Wow. he's really a go-getter. Apparently them kooky terrorists were going to blow up the shopping mall in ohio. << a true blow to the american way >> ah yes. Ohio. Always been a big hot bed of terrorist activity.)

I remember that dude, Mojo Nixon had a song about burning down the shopping malls back in the 80's. Lucky him, he's not on the terror watch list. They're only looking for brown people. (seems to satisfy the needs and concerns of the republican right) Listen, don't get jumpy. Bush and his cronies got your back man.

Speaking of having your back, I really enjoyed that film, Napoleon Dynamite. Check it out. If you're cool, you'll like it too. I laughed several times. Anyway good times were had. Layed down in the park for a while, drank bloody marys for a while. Hung out on a roof for a while. Layed in basic relaxation pose for a while. Feels good. I thought about that cat, Chris Wiessler too. I think he's probably eating a horse with some cheese right about now.

Anyways, listen, i'm getting tired from all them cigarettes and workin' for a living, so just check out some photos. The pinnercam is continuing her slow decline toward death, and i am coming to terms with it. So if the images are a little noisy, you know, you can deal with it if i can. Who knows? maybe it'll yield me some ad jobs or something. Talk to your pals at Young and Rubicam. be good. smile on your brother. and hey, Mister Francis is doing just fine, thanks for asking. He sends his regards.

xoxo 74˚f/ Partly Clear. Listening to Black Sabbath (fairies wear boots...)