full swing


Alright man, my computer is still up on the rack, but i think it will be fixed in the next few days. Definitely think we've got the constant-crash scene figured out, but i haven't had the chance to test it yet. Still getting the software tuned, but enough about me, (what do you think of my shirt?!) where the hell have i been? Guess what man. NEW YORK is going off right now. If you're a photographer, you're up to your ears in it. It's running down your arms and dripping off your elbows. From the minute i got back from Arizona, it's been fully booked studios, gigs on location, girls jumping around like mexican jumping beans, therapy twice a week, practicing that guitar, picking up the weights and putting them down, drinking the drinks, smoking the smokes, eating the eats, kung fu party, dance party, drinking party, foosball party, back to work, paint the walls, vacuum the carpets, polish the counters, buy more booze, buy more stuff, keep running, ride the bike, drive the rover, sunroof open, sunroof closed, rain coming down, it's a hundred degrees, it's fifty degrees, party in brooklyn, party in the hook, party in the lower east side, party on the upper west side, party on your back side, and work work work work work. so when you got no machine, you can't update like you wanna, and i'm sorry to you about that, but i keep snappin. Don't panic. It's all going to be alright. The images from this installment represent my first four days home from the southwest. I'm still behind on the frames. (sorry asif man, i wanna do it, but i see it takes time to change all them links. Damn i wish i was more <<taxi driver>> organizized. It's hard, it's hard it's hard. I mean, i'm posting images from May 11, and here it is June 10. So if you're bummed, imagine how i feel about it man. it's cuckoo. But anyway. i saw that Gotham Equinox, not as impressive as the year i saw it back in the day, but it was still worth getting my ass out there to see. and for those of you who weren't in the city to see it, there's like, ONE photo. See if you can find it. Then Becca had a birthday, and man, she did it right. took three days for the smoke to clear, and i'm still thinking about all the things that happened. life changing things. And the BlueBerry made it to town. Yum. now that's a happy time, smoking the bluebaddious in the downstairs by the murder room. ah yes. dressed like the kung fu masta. People out there kicking and swinging at the Sumo Pinata. In the end i believe it took a tire iron to break it open, and that's just the way you do it if you're in brooklyn, hoss.

Making plans for the next road trip. flying out to Montana to see how they do the Fourth of July, going to the rodeo. going to look at muscle cars, skinny dip in the riva. look at the stars. chew on some grass. maybe get me one of them big ol' belt buckles. looks nice with the grampa shorts and the flip flops, trust me, and if you see it, you heard it here first.

Good to be alive man, and those of you in the know, you know how i mean it, and thank you thank you thank you for your support man. all of you. Wow. Good times. Talk about take your mind off the dragon, i got some friends that'll take your mind off of just about everything else. Like that dude in SlingBlade, (carl) talking about playing football. When you're playin, you don't think about nothing else. well, me, i don't play football. don't even like it or even like to think about it, but i get what that dude was saying.

Meanwhile Reagan died. (or did he?) and Bush is rolling out the red carpet and trying to ride his republican machine on down to election town, but you and me, we know better. He's as good as gone, and that's the facts. (you gotta vote man) i tell you, i sent in my voter registration form months and months ago, maybe even in the winter, and i JUST received confirmation on that shit about 2 weeks ago, so if you're not registered, don't dick around, fill out the paper work, do what you gotta do, because otherwise... well. i don't even wanna think about it. Cocoa Puffs. that's all i'm saying. Cocoa Puffs man.

Now listen, i've got to get back to some editing. i've got to look at a bunch of pictures you're not likely to see, but i've got to get a good edit on them by say tomorrow, and sitting here flapping away on this doesn't get that job any closer to done.

Thank you for checking back. I'll try and be more frequent with the updates once i have a computer in my house to do it on. i'm sure you can understand that. And if you can't, well. I understand you. But be patient like you been, and you'll get your just rewards.

until the next one, keep your chin up and the belts off your neck. too much to do and see out there. it's a great time to be around, and i know you know it, so keep it real, do some wheelies. get yourself a popsicle, eat it.

What's your name? Take off your pants!

Be good people. Santa's watching. Play nice. Work hard, and more than anything, Have Fun Out There.

85˚f/ 65%humid. OUCH. Sticky Sticky Stickay.