a personal drama

alright. all joking aside. my sister is going to kill herself. she has a 5 year old daughter. she is not kidding. she is going to do it. i am begging for your help. The local police where she is will not respond. they are hillbillies. they hang up when i call. it is serious. it is not a joke. i have been on the phone for 7 hours. they just hang up on me every time. i have called child protective services. i have filled out the affidavit. i have sent it to the local police. they still will not respond.

please just take a moment to pick up the phone. I know this is lame, but what else can i do? i cannot get the oklahoma state police to respond. i cannot get the oklahoma local police to respond. i have been trying for 7 hours. NO WONDER the world trade center fell down. NO WONDER oklahoma city happened. there is too much paperwork involved. I had the NYC police call the oklahoma police, and the oklahoma police told NYC to blow themselves.