reality check

You know, I got to work this morning, and i thought, "now i can say i've finally updated the site!" I thought the response would be more like, "nice going, can't wait to see it!" But that's what happens when you think the world revolves around your two-hundred-dollar camera. I see now that i am catering to a moreparticular base. The response i got was more like, "out of a hundred and some odd pictures, there was ONE, (maybe) that i liked."

Normally, i would take that personally, and try to defend myself, call it art. Something. But instead, I knew she was right. Except, the picture i thought was the good one, was not the one my critic liked, so maybe there were 2 good images.

Who knows? Maybe someone in Iowa liked 10 of them. Either way, I knew something was amiss while i was looking at the images.

Maybe it's the prescription drugs. Maybe it's the therapy. Maybe it's the lack of sleep. maybe it's something i haven't even figured out. But it's not any sort of excuse at all. So I will make a more concentrated effort to update more regularly. I will work harder on taking pictures that i like to take rather than feeling pressured to get pictures on the internet by tomorrow.

In order to get the ball rolling, and further illustrate my point, here is the contents of my camera today. And the next time i update, I hope we're all up to speed and making something interesting happen. I think frequency is what makes it interesting. Folks who didn't see the site yesterday missed something. It's different now. and maybe tomorrow it will happen again. But one of these days, it's going to be good. It's going to be worth looking at.

If any of you feel disenchanted, don't worry. there are always the archives. find something good in there. Surely there's at least 1 good moment in there that will bring a smile to your face. Lord knows i've got one on mine, and i'm not even looking.

Be good. Find your light. Carry the torch. and more than anything, Smile people. Just throw one on. Even the fake ones are fun to look at.

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