tequila and squirt

Zero 7 and Bob Marley. Tequila and Squirt. Representative Ball and Montana. Burning Man and Zuchini.

It's a good life. Some folks don't have what it takes to go on. But other folks, they just keep on-a-tickin. There's tobacco and pills for those of us that have a hard time with the facts. I mean, the facts aren't that hard. Life is a merry-go-round. and everyone knows that from time to time, some kid's got to puke on it. That's what makes it a merry-go-round.

Those of you who haven't had a chance to be in NYC this spring have really missed something. Probably the nicest spring we've had in 5 years. (and who the hell am i to talk?) All i know is, i've got tickets to Montana. I'm going to the
Rodeo. We're working like horses and dogs, and reaping the rewards. I'll probably buy my own fucking hummer if this keeps up. Make mine a pink one. Good times.

SURE folks are killing themselves every day, but that's not my fault. It's not yours either.

Dan Mechanic, You KICK ASS. Thanks for your support man. Niggaz be tellin' me you was axin' after me and my sister, and let it be known, that puts you on my christmas list. You are The Fucking Boss Hoss man. Thank you. Now come to the RB party on friday. You know the address. (take off your pants) Good times. we got both hot tubs fired up, and you know how we do.

Aaron DeBeers, good man. I give you an A. Much obliged. dtown moves you to the VIP section. *free drinks henceforth.

Mister Francis, I heard about you ratting me out. Naughty. But i still love you. Be a good lad. Remember that things told in confidence, are told in confidence. When you're a little older, you'll grasp the purpose of trust. (and that goes for the rest of you too.)

My kid sister lived. She's pissed, but she's alive. She's locked up in a cage, but she's alive. Count your blessings, and never EVER lean on the police in Ada, Oklahoma if you need help. My Word. I swear they were all hired by George W. Bush. Son of a bitch, one of 'em had the balls to tell me he thought G.W. Horse Ass was one of the best presidents this country has ever had. HA! fucking hillbilly. god bless him. He knows not what he do. God was watching.

Now then... these pictures may not be interesting to the layman, but they document Ross Johnson's last night in NYC. They document the most Gin and Tonic i ever drank. They document New York before my sister went over the edge, and i tell you what. They document life before i learned i'd have to call 911 for 7 hours to get any help. They document a life when i believed you could call for help and get some.

I know better now. and sure, folks are going down in the wake of that knowledge. Get your ass out and see mikey moore's nine one one movie. get out and see that control room. get out and see napoleon dynamite. get out and sniff the roses man, because your days are numbered man. they really are.

friday night on eeeee one nine, RB is coming to the house. the new record, (we come in peace) is about to hit the bricks. better bring a baggy. Who's a pony? good times.

and hey, don't sweat my sister. She's had a hard time of it. I'll kick your ass. (i know karate man.) PLUS i can do a wheelie. so seriously. It's all bueno. Just take your pills. drink your tea. eat some vegetables. Understand Dave G and Kiki B. Understand that you're lucky to be alive when them kids is steppin' on the gas. You're special, because i'm tellin' ya so...and i'm havin' a good time. (aw yea.)

Seriously, thanks for the outpouring of support in my time of need. We're back on track, thank you thank you thank you. The Gold Star award goes to Constance Faulk for stepping to the plate with cops and firemen and cigarettes and helping to bring The Army in on this. A plus plus plus. Solid. Smart. Sassy. (when it really counts)

(flowers, puffy clouds, rainbows and shooting stars)

67˚f/ clear. representative ball say: "she's a po-nay."