yezza. Back in from The Big Sky Country. Really good times. Rodeo, mountains,mountain goats in the rocks, horses and bulls flying through the air, tequila on the road, small town jubilee, stage coaches, beautiful beautiful mountain tops and valleys, rolling hills, warm dry air, hailstones on my head with the top down at 50 miles an hour coming over the mountain pass. Fireworks at four in the morning, piggies dressed up like horses and racing around the track just like in Seabiscuit. Sleeping in the golden hills under the northwestern sun. Naming constellations and creating the myth behind them. Shooting stars and sage brush. Rolling in the hay. Bloody Marys with Rum, Steaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cody Wyoming at sunset. Sleeping in a cute little camping trailer. Shopping for moccasins and cowboy hats. Eating kettle corn and drinking rum and coke. Pimms and Cel-Ray. Cigarettes and wildflowers. Japanese food and chinese checkers. Snow covered mountains and giant puffy clouds. Kisses and handmade quilts.

Homegrown charm and the family cookout. Big ol' dogs and absolute silence. Pushing a big ol' 1954 Chevy Belair down a dusty country road.

Yes. it was good times. Sun on my face good times. I'll get the pictures to you soon, but i'm leaving town again. Just bear with me. And thank you for being patient.
Love you all. (no. not you George Bush. I see what you're up to.) And i'll be back real soon.

75˚f and Purdy Nice. Dick DeVille say: "grab a roadie!"