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Alrighty then. Here's some stuff i've been doing. A little behind on the upload, but hey, i'm a workin' man. I got people i gotta see. I got other places i'm supposed to be at, so you know, sometimes it takes a minute. But here you'll have it. From the night before departure and on down through our trip to Bear Creek, Montana for the fourth of july.

We did so many things in so few days, that i can't even begin to type them all into place, but it's just that kind of a place. Even sitting on your arse feels like you're getting something done out there. I met the nicest people, saw the most beautiful places, and i tell you again, i ate steak until my very bowels were packed with meat. (RE: John Tinney_danconnortown July 4, 1996, Santa Rosa California)

We had the best time out there, and easily one of the best times of my whole entire life. Thank you so much you DeVilles for your hospitality and having us on board. Food for thought when New York seems a little fast, or a little stinky.

I have images from my last weekend's trip to connecticut which you might enjoy. There was this one dude who's boat fell off. I mean, that's always a good time, so you'll want to check back. But for now, let's just stick to Montana and the stuff we saw out there.

Tomorrow i'm up to westchester for another festival of carnivores. I'm gonna bring that Frisbaay.

Keep it real, and keep on comin' back. Lord knows how you can use a break from google news once in a while.

and as always, George W. Bush, you're a yutz. New York is looking forward to your departure. November seems so long to wait, but we stand firm in our resolve.

75˚f and Breezy.

The E19 Countdown begins....Those who haven't been, you're about to miss something really good. Don't wait too long now...