dreaming of a delicious pork torta

My how the time flies. I'm back in The Hook. Mass Appeal has moved to The Stuy. Humidity has come, and as well some rain, but still it is the best year i've seen in New Yonk in years, and I ain't complainin' . I've BBQ'd, i swam in the pool, i rode my bike, my finger continues to heal, i've had the booze and the breaks, it's been all good. I've even got a fan that oscillates.

E19 is no more. it's been scraped to the bare walls, and those of you who knew it, need only know this... turns out their were beautiful polished hardwood floors under all them layers of carpet and split leveling. Gorgeous exposed brick walls were hiding (unexposed) behind the chic gold-n-gauze wallpaper, all of which is now in a dumpster, most assuredly enroute to the bottom of the sea. It was a real pleasure partying down with all of you there, and particularly those of you who were there for the last Hoorah at the Rep Ball afterparty.

Props to Oren for floating the place, and props to all who were there to appreciate the flood in the murder room, and the style and grace to observe several thousand dollars worth of golden curtains being used as shop rags to sop up the lake in the grow room. Ah yes. there are many photographs to post, but i've learned to be patient, and "serve no wine before its time." So i will pass on this knowledge in its stead, (you're very welcome)in some days when the menus have been sorted, the new images will arrive.

But in the meantime, please enjoy this now dated image of my trusty index finger on the mend. A tribute to Mami for her endurance, and as well to Mike and Natalie for giving me a sense of Jersey City, the only place where Puerto Rican low riding Toyota Corollas and Smirnoff Twisted Cranberry in a bottle go hand in hand like/with Garden Gnomes and Pink Flamingos.

Ah yes i say.and then roll off to bed. Listening to Cujo and thinking of a delicious Pork Torta

the weather is cool and clammy.

**Meanwhile, Brent Martin of Art Fagg fame has fallen for a yaley. How do you spell that anyway? Yale EEE.(a cohort of Senior Bush (Gee Dub) and Bob Rauschenberg alike) More to come i'm sure. Have a donut, and check back.