leaving e19

Well, i've given it some time, and i just don't care for the new test module. I feel like it cramps the images. makes it claustrophobic. So i'm working on something else, and in the meantime, i'm going back to the old school, so i hope you all don't mind.

Back in The Hook, like i was telling you. You can catch up with the haps around these parts in today's update pretty good. There's an homage to E19 in there, so don't mind so much if the images appear to repeat themselves. You see, the apartment doesn't exist any more, it's been scraped to the bare walls, so when these images land in the archives, they'll always be nice to look back on, and hopefully those of you that missed the space, can reminisce vicariously through those of us who didn't, and of course the nice Lo-Res images herein.

There's a trip to connecticut, there's a bbq up the hudson too. Also there is stuff from the Rep Ball show a few weeks back, and the final bash at E19 that followed.

There was an amazing sunset last night, that i repeat a few images of, just because the light was changing fast, but it was really beautiful to watch from my window here on ol' Dikeman, and I thought if you might have missed it, you could get a sense of it this way too. What else is in there? Man, i can't even remember now, ah yes. I took a trip on out to Jersey City. Rode on one o' them Path Trains. That wasn't nearly so bad as the folks living in williamsburg would have you believe. They got hipsters out there too, only their apartments are bigger and cost less. You can also find Zima a lot easier out there.

And... What else? I haven't even told you about my car chase with the diplomat through the lower east side yet... I actually had to pedal pretty fast, and you know, it was like in a movie, except them diplomats weren't acting, so i didn't waste too much time trying to take pictures, but one day, maybe i'll tell you all about it.

Weather's been fine here, don't worry about it. a couple of days with the humidity, and then it rained some, but it's nice again.

Oh, this might be interesting. There are some pano's that i shot in E19 on the night before i moved out, and the day of, and you can see how it was with all the art gone, and all the stuff out, or boxed, or packed, or what you call it, and there's a photograph on the wall in the bedroom some of you might recognize. It was given to me a long time ago, and i left it as a sacrifice, since it is unlikely i'll make it to burning man this year, where it was slated to meet its demise. It was made by this fellow who went to cuba and got himself into all sorts of trouble while he was there. I think it might be one of the best images he ever made, if not the only good image he ever made, so it was my way of saying thank you to the destruction men who came by to trash all that marble and gold and glass&brass and the wood and all them hot tubs and steam jets.

It's in a way, like thumbing your nose at the value of things and trusting there's another on the way. Bigger, Better, more significant. Just like the good ol' U.S. of A. (where's my Hummer H12? can't they make a V12 Twin-Turbo Diesel for god's sake? what's taking so long? I've got Vespas to run over. I want my SUV tax break/subsidy) You GO BUSH! (seriously. go...back to crawford, ya knucklehead )

But hey,all was not lost. I did take home a showerhead, a sink, and a mirror. So those of you who are friends of dikeman, will always have a little something you can put your hand on to remind you of the glory days at E19.

I'm working on sorting out a script that will allow you to browse the archives in a smoother way, without all the pop ups, but for now, i think the pop ups are the only attractive solution.

Thanks for your patience. thanks for coming back, and hey, tell a friend or two, it's not too late to get out there and register to vote. We can kick the ass of Mister Bush this november, and surely we will. (cuckoo for cocoa puffs)

OH YA. that's another thing. Critical Mass. There's some images in here from the last one too. And the next one is slated for the RNC. That'll be good for you. Get on your bike and come on out and find us. We'll be theya. We can do wheelies on their heads.

and what else? Oh ya. Constance won an iPod. one of them minis. she got a gold one, cuz she likes the bling.

Welp. gotta hit the haystack.

72˚f/ cool breezy, and clear.