dtown goes down

The gods have intervened, and for the moment i am down for the count. (i'll give it till 8, and come up swinging) Stacked my bike on the off-ramp on the brooklyn side of the manhattan bridge.

Long about 1:30am on Thursday morning. Wasn't so bad until i realized i had broken my collarbone, which of course impedes my whole scene. But i'm alright. If I take my pills and drink my milk, I should be okay soon. Maybe this will give me a minute to think out how best to construct this site.

Here's a photo of yours truly having his cat scanned. I have no new updates imagewise in order yet, but i do have a lot of images to put together over the next little while. I hope you're all doing well, and thanks again for checking back. I'm looking forward to some of the new updates, and sharing them with you. For now, it's bed rest and pain pills, but that's not so bad when you think about it.

72˚f/ sprinkly and with some winds.