langosta e patron

Had an interesting week last week. Saw The Presidents of the United States play over at The Bowery Ballroom. My word they had a nice sound in there. Good sound guys. Nice drinks in there too. A good value i'd say. The next day i went out to South Hampton to party down at the digs of oren. Most of you who have been to E19 will remember that Oren's the dude that owns the place. Welp, we went out there as a crew of about 12 of us. We polished off 15 bottles of Patron Silver before 10pm. We're effing professionals. We ate lobsters and filet mignon and corn and seared ahi and swam in the pool and the ocean and played bocce ball and stumbled around with our tops off all the day long. It was nice to get out of the city and away from the roar of the studio for a minute.

Nice indeed. I slept under the stars by the pool with a cowboy pillowcase. Thought again of Montana and the rodeo lifestyle back there. In the morning we rode back to the city (white knuckles all the way... our driver was a maniac with the tailgating and cutting people off and very liberal use of the horn and what not. seems suitable in town, but scared the cucka out of my bumper out in the country. Back in town, we didn't feel quite right, so headed on out to Jacob Riis Park for another day at the beach followed by even more lobster.

That's pretty much what happened. Didn't make Critical Mass, i was stuffing my face with lobster tails and red meat by the pool instead. (sorry guys. it seemed more worthwhile to me at the time) So that's an overview of the stuff you'll see on board today's update. Lots of Hummers out there. It seems like they just keep getting bigger.

The weather continues to astound me. I don't think i can remember a nicer summer in new york city. If you can, tell me about it, because man, i've seen a lot of blue sky this year, and i've had a lot of nice cool and breezy nights under the stars as far as i can recall.

Do be good to each other, and enjoy your labor day weekend. I guess you'll have to put them white pants away until either The White Stripes put out a new record and come around or tour, or the spring makes its way back to our side of the country.

I have a feeling there's going to be one hell of a tax for this nice summer. It's going to be called the winter of 2005. I picture snow up to my tail feathers with a biting wind that will go on down in history. I mean, for
every yin, there's got to be a yang.

Sorry Mister Bush, you're the Yang in this equation. We The United States are looking forward to our Yin comes November. Can't say i've enjoyed your stay, and sadly (for you) I am not alone. I'm glad to see you'll be packing your bags and hoofing it out of our town, smug and proud of your doings. Pet yourself on the back, because in a couple of months it's going to be more like a boot in your fanny.

Oh. In case you were wondering. That picture on the cover is a blast from my past. My roomies in Los Angeles 1998-2001. Ah good times. Police Chases, Pyrotechnics, and Porno. Free parking for everybody, and cigarettes and redbull for breakfast.

Yes. Even my life before Mister Bush was quite different.
72˚f/ cool breezy, and clear.