on the mend

Okee Dokee,I'm healing says the orthopedist, which is good, I won't be able to ride any more this season which is bad. The weather in new york has been just amazing this year, and you know, public transportation, while being a great source for tagging and conversation fodder is easily 3 times slower than riding a bicycle in this town.

I've got images from laborday weekend forward up today. That feels nice. I haven't been making pictures as i've got one arm to use.(that's lame) i haven't been making pictures because i've been doped up on pain pills laying in bed. (rings more true) so take a looksie, and check back soon. still working on the new japaneseversion of the site, because we gotta go big in Japan. (especially now that the united states has listed japan as a possible terror target, ol' japan, we know your pain. You'll probably be getting your own version of FOX news soon...)keep it real, get your rest, drink your milk, and look both ways before you cross the street.

lots of love,
75˚f/ sunny, clear, and beautiful.