before the arcade fire

The Good Ol' CMJ blitz on NYC is here again. Good times. Rock and Roll. A great time to be in town. (a GREAT time to own a nice fucking JACKET too.) Sure. Most of the hotshots have come and gone, but there are still great bands coming in the windows here right now. I can't say which ones, because i want to be able to get a drink at the bar, and make my way back to the stage, but i tell you what. I'll tell you about it some time. I promise.

alright. One tip. I am going to this mysteryshow. I've already got tickets, and there's plenty of room, so you can do the research.(sorry if you don't have quicktime installed and you'll want a fast connection, and some goooood speakers too.) I say it will be a very good time.

It went and got cold all of the sudden, i find myself already forgetting what an amazing year it was with the sun and the warm air, but still, i think it was the best year in a long time as the weather in new york

I saw a couple of things. One thing i saw was that movie, Dig!
I give it a "B". I enjoyed it. I still think about it. I just had higher expectations. I wanted MORE POWER. MORE ROCKIN'! But hey, it was good. It was funny too. and i saw that blockbuster too. Team America World Police (Fuck Ya!) HA! I did go ahead and laugh right out loud at that one. My word. Go ahead and see for yourself, and don't bring the kids. I saw some babies in there. I guess babies are okay, they don't know what the hell is going on anyway, but man, the kids that can parrot? Na. Don't bring 'em. There's just too much explaining to do. Did some karaoke with this live band, at the dirty thirty party, you'll see pictures of that in there. Hey, you'll see a portrait ol' Clay took of me too. He was fiddlin' around with them ProFoto HMI's one day. Nice. I think they make me look older. (you be the judge)

That broken collarbone continues to heal. it's got a nice lightning bolt shape to it now. Oh, i saw them debates too. You know i can't figure out if i'm just bored of the way the news tells it, or if i'm just being apathetic because that's what people that grew up with punk rock, and got old listening to nirvana do, or if it's that sort of hold your hands over your head in awe at the stupidity of it all feeling you get when it seems you're powerless to the reality of the american political machine. I think, I just want to give up or something, but dammit, I can't. Bush is bad for earth. Period. How do people not get this? And then, all i do is tell people that already know this. Michael Moore becomes a joke, Al Franken becomes passé, and U.S. Media Corp. keeps telling us that Bush is in the lead. I tell
you i'm not buying it. But enough politics. You know where i stand on it. (you're either with me, or you're one of THEM)and if you're one of them, well. By now i'd say you're a lost cause.

Did a little shoot over the weekend, hope to get some images from that up here in the next few days or so, so check back. It's something different than my new york stand by.