nyc driver

I spent a lot of my weekend doing not much. I mean, i watched those debates a few times, I organized some iTunes. I downloaded some images and put them up here. Oh. I did do something though. One thing i did, i went through all the archives of "things i've said" and organized those, so they are in some sort of order, so you know, that's progress. Oh, and i got my New York Driver's license finally. that expired old california one just wasn't working for anything any more. Last week i got my identity stolen by this dude. But I did some research. I found out who he is. He doesn't know i know yet. That's kind of fun. In fact, he doesn't know me at all, which is really fun. I guess the bank is going to get my money back, so it's not so bad. what else?

Oh, here's something. For you iPod users. Dig this. I've always had a beef with the iPod because it's got no balls. And you can go out and get headphones and stuff and it helps, but they still have no balls. Unless you're willing to get the monster headphones, which do have balls, but not quite the right size balls i'm looking for. Well, last week i found a pair with some balls. Really Big ones. They're made by these dudes called Skull Candy. I got these ones called SkullCrushers. Yes. they're sort of big. but not as big as others i've seen, but dig this. They've got a subwoofer built in. And the rattle my cage. I tell you what. The bass problem has been solved for iPods with a pair of them on your head. I love 'em. and they're not too expensive either, considering i've bought about 5 pair of the $20 sony's in this last year alone. So check 'em out. They aren't GOD,
but they will certainly fill your ears with the tunes. Watching those debates. I don't understand the press. they keep saying it was really close, or kerry and edwards are you know, just keeping up with cheney and bush. I don't understand this. I mean, i think the republicans have been getting their asses KICKED in the debates. So i'm at a loss on that one. The good news is, it really looks like Bush won't win. (assuming you don't trust the mainstream media) i think it's going to be a landslide for Kerry, but nobody realizes it but me yet.

Winter's comin'. There's a chill in the new york air, and i can't say i'm dreading
it. I think it's going to be a mild one. um. Oh, the Japanese angle on my site. I haven't had time to update that as i would like to, but check again later this week, i think i'll have a few improvements.

That dude on the cover is my friend Paul. We went to this party uptown where i traded watches with this dude, and his is like an heirloom or something. I want to get it back to him, but he hasn't had any more parties. talk about bla bla bla commentary.

HA! I guess i'll turn in. maybe i'll have something interesting to say next time.
sorry dudes. sometimes you got it. Other times you don't. 65˚f/ chilly