that really surprised me. George Bush won. huh. You know, 4 years ago, i said
the coup had already taken place, and that of course he was going to win
again. And though i have my reservations about this particular election
I am truly surprised by the numbers. It seems that exactly half of the
country, plus 1 percent, are morons. Wow. I see it now. The problem with
growing up and living in only "blue" states, you don't really
get a sense of what the rest of the U.S. is thinking. Okay. So i guess we all have to be friendly to bush now. Okay. Sure. why not?

He seems like a real friendly guy. The fact that HALF the country wanted
him out is spooky too. There is good cause for at least a third party.
That way, not so many people are bummed out. You know, lessen the damage.
Jeezum. Well. I know that the "red" states aren't all red, but my
word they were red enough. The good news is that Bush will have to sit in his own stew. When all this shit comes down, it won't be Mister Kerry having to pick up the flack.

With republican control of the house and senate, the ball is pretty much
in their court. God Bless Them. (they're in trouble) Interesting thing to notice was that a giant push from the Christian Right is what
supposedly helped mister bush to victory. Good for them. Thou Shalt Not
Kill and all that jazz. I guess they didn't read the paper, about the
100,000 innocents dead in Iraq under Mister Bush's watch, and all in the
name of spreading Freedom. My oh my. Okay. I won't rant. But I am really surprised is all. Now then. I had some great photos from the halloween time in new york, but
as fate would have it, my microdrive crashed, right after my external
drive crashed, and all those photos have been forfeited. Sorry guys. I'll
make more. I was bummed at first, but then i thought of the thousands
of dollars of unprocessed film i have in a box at home that i would love
to see too. I mean, they're only pictures. I can make more of those.

So for today, i've got nothing new to put in place for you all, but i will
get some up hopefully over the weekend. I will be back. and to the european/world community, i really am sorry about what happened.
but don't worry. I'm sure we'll be able to really make it worth our while,
having mister bush in the white house for another four years. I mean,
that gives us more time to prove him guilty of involvement with stuff.
I'm sorry that more people will have to be killed in the process, and i'm
very sorry about the pollution and waste, and consumption coming soon,
but remember, the world is a self-cleaning oven. Long before
there was man, there was earth. And long after Bush, there will still be earth.

47˚f pretty. I'm listening to Lyle Lovett right now.