Sorry about that. I got sort of busy with work, and all that jazz. didn't find
myself with lots of spare hours to work on the site for quite a while,
but tonight, i got home around 8. I made myself a chicken fried steak.
I made mashed potatoes and boiled some peas. I drank a Piña Colada
Bartles and Jaymes so i could pretend i was on the beach. (but not the
beaches of India) and then came up and started sorting through all the
photos i've taken between the "election" and now. I've come
up with about 300 of them, so tomorrow i will begin the process of stringing
them together and mounting them in their respective scrollers. Might take
a day or two, but the hard part is done. I hope you've all had a nice holiday time.

I spent some time fiddling with Craig's List. trying to sell my car. I realized that i haven't driven it in 3 years, and that made me think i should get rid of it then, so there's that. The collarbone is pretty much healed, and it actually feels like winter here in NYC now. i've got witty things to say, just not this very moment. Check back again soon, and there will be much new to observe. and as B&J used to always say, thank you for your continued support.