coming up for air (bush wins)

Okay. I think i'm getting closer to it. For some reason, that whole thing with
the presidency really knocked me off my feet for a second. I saw that
even Michael Moore was dumbfounded for a few days. But me, i just sort
of stopped doing website stuff altogether there. Don't be discouraged. I'm still making photos. Still taking them every day.
So when i get the gumption to resize them and put them up there'll be
at least a bunch of something else to look at. it's the holidays now. thing is, i feel like it's writer's block or something. can't really say what
it is. but just bear with me man. I'll get something up there. Really.

42˚f crisp and clear!
Listening to nothing at all, but Jimi Hendrix, "hey joe" is cued.