the new york times

Holy KaLeedo. My wordski. well that took a minute, but i think i'm back on
track, like when a guy gets caught up with the bills. I mean, it took
a fair amount of tequila, a fair amount of tobacco, and other stuff too,
but somehow i found the inspiration to get back to this site and put the pictures up there. I mean, i don't think i've said anything since the
"election" really, and i'm sorry about that. I mean, i was doing what i had to do, you know, immersing myself in things outside of the politics, but it didn't help. So i'm going to leave that behind me and act on a go-forward basis henceforth.

I was eating some ramen tonight,(not the cheap ghetto ramen, but the like, 5 dollar ramen that real japanese people eat) and it was tasty, and i was thinking about all kinds of things, none the least being the front page of the new york times, december 28.

I mean, seriously, WTF?! since when is it cool to put pictures of dead
babies on the front page? REALLY. I mean, if the president gets all uppity
about someone "leaking" photos of CASKETS with american soldiers
in them, how is it cool to put pictures of dead babies with no clothes
covered in mud, lined up like, like, ... DEAD BABIES on the FRONT PAGE?!
I mean, this artist got nailed for making paper cutouts of people falling
from the world trade center and they nearly chopped his head off. I don't
understand it. and i don't support it. If you HAVE to put full color photos
of dead babies layed out in rows in the paper, (which i'm not sure you
really have to) do you have to park them right up on the front page, so
that everyone passing by has to be traumatized by it? what about the 6
year old girl who grabs the paper for her dad, and says, "daddy?
what's the story here?" and so on. Come on people Common Sense. If
you want to put dead babies in your paper, put them on page 2. Folks can
accept upside down boats, they can even even deal with buildings that
fell down. Hell, i can even tolerate (if you absolutely have nothing else
to run, pictures of bodies covered under blue plastic tarpalauns, but
a little respect please. How dare our government have the balls to rip
someone a new rump over pictures of caskets coming back to the US with
dead soldiers inside, draped in crisp and bright american flags, and then
give a nod to rows of dead children on the front page. My Word mister
bush. Way to control the media.

That aside, which i hardly want to put aside, I hear Martha Stewart is for
Prison Reform. HA! of course she is. But who of us ever thought we'd hear
it out of her mouth?! god bless america. these are precious times. I suppose
it will rock her over the top of The Apprentice when she sells the rights
to the "reality show" about her experience. give me a break.
I thought that people would have had enough by now, but they really haven't.
they seem to enjoy just shoveling the crap into their heads. (oh not you
dear reader, i know this for certain, but understand, sometimes a guy
has to vent, and somehow, Zoloft kept me from saying what i'd been meaning
to say, but i'm okay now. I'm feeling again. antidepressants are depressing,
ah. what am i saying? they were great. I loved not giving a shit. But
now that i'm off of them, and i give a shit again, i find myself wondering
how this country got so whacked in the few short months i took off from
reality.) *No WONDER i have to drink so much. I mean COME ON already.
(now where's my book deal?!)

and what's with Michael Moore already? Mum's the word i guess. And what
happened with Kerry anyway? Nobody REALLY wanted him in there, but he
sure as hell was a better pick than bush, and where is he now? Come on.
Nobody stands up. Nobody raises a fist. Everybody is like, "welp.
that settles that. maybe i'll move to canada." Ya. Maybe you will.
MAYBE you'll just hide behind the story that you didn't vote for him while
you buy your new infiniti monster truck. (again, dear reader, you know
i don't mean you. I know you would never buy an infiniti monster truck.
You're much more responsible, as am i. I'm just venting here. But if infiniti
wanted to give me a monster truck, sure i'd drive it. And if they wanted
to give me ten of them, i'd put 9 of them on this site for you to try
and win.)

Yesterday i went to the store to buy some things. I went to the Duane Reade on 4th
street by broadway, and i bought a pack of cigarettes and 4 disposable
razor blades. (no handle, just the blades) Guess what?

TWENTY BUCKS. ah yes. good times. and you know what? I could afford it. So i
guess War is good for the economy. because i'm sure that my 20
bones would go much further in countries that aren't at war, but for me,
that's just what i blow on a day of smokes and a couple of razors that
i'll be throwing away pretty quick. Dig this. I was at home sitting on
the toilet, reading this book that Con gave me to read, and i swear i
can't get past the first 3 pages. i've read them again and again for about
2 months now. (something by PG Wodehouse i think) and i was sitting there,
and i decided to unwrap my razor blades, and they were wrapped in this
plastic, and then sealed in this non-recycleable cardboard with metal
inks, and the razors themselves were wrapped in a hard plastic shell.
now THAT'S what i call disposable. give me three completely use less pieces
of crap that i can't recycle, PLUS 4 "throw away" razors, and
do me a favor would ya? charge me like 12 bucks for them so i can throw
them all in the trash PRONTO. Go USA. Good Stuff.

You know what i did to compensate for it? I tell you what. I went out and
bought myself a 53 inch tv. that's what i did. I don't watch much tv,
because i work quite a bit, but you know, as long as i'm on the winning
team, i sure as hell need one. football never looked so great. (and i
don't even like football_well. maybe i don't NOT like it, but the only
game i ever had interest in was this one game between Louisville and these
guys i think from Florida, and the only reason i liked it is this dude
i work with Aron, he's from Louisville, and i have a brother living down
there, and by god Aron seemed to like it, so i watched it from time to
time the night they played, and i guess i liked that one a little... it
was fun to see them kicking ass, and then get a series of bad calls at
the end of the game that cost them the championship. HA HA louisville!
i love the big leagues.) Also i had the pleasure of watching the RedSox
win the world series, and i enjoyed all the Viagra ads. PLUS it was real
cool to see that the cops came out in force and shot this one girl right
in the eye with pepper spray. and then she died. (didn't see her layed
out on the front page of The Times though... guess it's not so funny when
it happens to Americans) Oh it's been good. Real good.

Now listen. All that stuff aside, and believe it i feel like i could go on
for days about it, but seriously, the pictures in today's update go back
to like, halloween forward. there's the wild turkey party at Lilly's in
RedHook, there's the trip to Kentucky, there's um, studio stuff, New York
stuff, there's Aron's birthday, Misho's birthday, Mio's birthday, the
Sd Christmas party, Halloween with The Dresden Dolls, i don't even know
where to start. there's images from when my little Canon A70 crapped its
pants. You can see how it just sort of stopped making pictures that made
any sense. they were coming out all purple and stretched and tweaked.
I had one dude write me saying he thought i had photoshopped the images
over the months previous to get those kooky effects. Sorry man. it was
a dying ccd chip. But the boys at Canon stepped to the plate and replaced
the camera for free. I appreciate that, you know because i'm really just
as big as any of those other cats, David LaChapelle, Terry Richardson,

okay. enough is enough. stop reading and start browsing. I trashed like 40 pictures
from this update, which back in the olden days would have been about 2
days of new updates, but i took a little liberty. I just trashed them.
so you walk with about 260 new ones instead of the 300 i promised yesterday.
But i tell you what. I'm going to try and be a little more diligent about
updating more frequently. I mean, as long as Cozytone
is backing me, why shouldn't i ? those folks have been real nice. I love

movies i've seen recently include : Napoleon Dynamite / what the &*$% do
we know / Incredibles / The Last Samurai / Maria Full of Grace / Dogville
/ Atlantis / Once were Warriors / Even Badder Santa / Elf / Control Room
/ The Corporation / In Plane Site / Dig! / The Manchurian Candidate (old
school) / Palookaville / Team America (fuck yea!) / I Heart Huckabees
/ Silver City / and others.

lately i've been listening to : the amps / dresden dolls / the roots / smokey
and miho / bebel / BRMC / the black keys / alice and chains-mad season
/ NOFX / Jack Johnson and G.Love / Sun Kil Moon / and others.

websites i've been spending time at include:
/ aljazeera / truth
/ CraigsList
/ and others.

at this moment, i'm listening to LeFlow.

but i've got to upload this stuff and get to bed. my roomies are surfing in
Costa Rica right now, and me, i'm just chilling at the hayouse.

love you all, and thanks for checking back.

Oh. by the way, i'm selling my car. it's just been sitting under a tree in
long island since i moved here. You interested? here's the poop.